Saturday, November 21, 2009

5 Years to Destroy a Career

TBS is airing Mean Girls all this weekend. Lindsay Lohan was the lead and 25 lbs heavier. The supporting cast was headlined by Rachel McAdams. Everyone but the lead has gone on to have a solid career. Lohan has been surpassed by McAdams (bankable female lead), Amanda Seyfried (lead in Jennifer's Body & Mamma Mia), and non-movie poster figures like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler both have tv series with NBC. Even the alternative girl has had more work than Lohan. Hollywood is a marathon, not a sprint and Lohan is the perfect example of that.

What was the last role Lohan had? Georgia Rule? Sadly, she has no adult guidance and no control of her drug and alcohol problems. A Madonna or Angelina Jolie type re-invention of her career is needed. If I were to remake Valley of the Dolls, I would approach her for the super druggie role that Patty Duke played. I'd also have her wheeled to and from a rehab center between filming in a straight-jacket. I'd also require that she gain weight. Playing a drugged out starlet is going to be easy and could give her the platform to launch a comeback. It's amazing to be a has-been by 23, but she is.

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