Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unions Are Bad

Genius at work, union members voted to eventually move their jobs overseas.

"How dare you freeze entry level wages!!??!?!" or "How dare you ask skilled trade workers do more than one job!?!?!?!?!?"

Unions served a purpose when my Memere was working in the textile mills. Many of the things they fought for are now codified in law. With the labor laws now in existence, what exactly are the unions fighting for our benefit? Not much, but they will surely tell you how much a vice president of marketing is earning. Damn those management cronies!!!!

Lesson in union negotiations and contracts: many unions have hardwired into their wage contracts that they will automatically get a wage increase the same as a rise in the federal minimum wage. If you've ever wondered why the Dems always seem to push a rise in the minimum wage look no further than that union connection. I cannot tell you how comical it is to see a small amendment to a contract come in that asks for a $10 increase in a weekly wage protection program. Yup, that $10 will buy you 2 value meals at Mickey D's.

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