Thursday, October 15, 2009

Subway EEs

Let's get rid of the subway ticket sales ees and replace them all with machines. Some cities have kind of moved to this with autosales stations. When you get down to it, with the spread of credit-debit cards, why are we paying public ees (and their benefits & pensions) to do the work Aquaboggan waterpark teens do for minimum wage. Mind you they made a stink of this in Boston recently. Money quote: "The unions’ benefits, which include free health care for retirees, are considered some of the most generous of any public agency in the nation and have long been the target of public and political scorn." This is bullshit. Taxpayer money and T fees pay for these folks to have free retiree health care. Millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost by men and women over age 50 in the last 18 months and they do not have free health care to look forward to. Nope. It's too bad so sad when you don't have the SEIU on your side. They 'reformed' the pension eligibility from 23 years of service regardless of age for full pension and it's still rich so that you can qualify if you have 25 years in and are age 55. Who retires at age 55? Investment bankers and public union ees!!!

Why should public union ees get more protection than my dad the non-union tool maker? What about an assembler making 35K in Mass who has to ride the T in to see a Sox game or a show? Their T fee goes up because they have to fund the albatross pension and Cadillac retiree health programs for the MBTA ees. Has an MBTA ee ever smiled at a rider? Ever???? They are horrible. It's like you bothered them when you want to buy Charlie passes or insert the pass incorrectly. It's not just lower level ees, how many layers of fat can you have in admin of the MBTA. I bet if you had a census showing every ee, you would be amazed at how many redundant positions there are. I wish I was at my former employer because I would probably quote on the MBTA at some point and be able to make that public.

It's not just the MBTA. It's all of government up and down the ladder. I see cop salaries in tiny towns in Central Pennsylvania that are 2.5 times the average wage for that county. This will all end.

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