Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Sympathy for Bankrupt Pro Athletes, Next Story Please

In this day and age of athletes being paid millions to play children's games, I have no sympathy for when they go bankrupt or waste the dollars. None. Some just appear to be jerks. Some are gambling addicts and spendaholics. In the old days, athletes usually worked a job in the offseason. No need for that now with the salaries they make. It is an insult to the fanas and to people who work 9-5 to see these assholes declaring bankruptcy and then expecting sympathy or for us to understand that they got caught up in the lifestyle. Lenny Dykstra, Antoine Walker and Rumeal Robinson are just examples of this stupidity.

A really good piece of sports journalism going 'in depth' could be the millions (if not billions) cities and states have invested in sports arenas and how some might be taking a huge bath right now. If they are not hurting, then it would make for a good mesh of city and team. Just a note Pittsburgh paid $185.5 million for the Steelers' new stadium with no promises of payback by the team. Yes on Sundays the city has lots of activity, but could that $185.5 mil been spent elsewhere in productive ways or not spent so that taxpayers don't have to subsidize an already profitable enterprise? I bring up Pittsburgh because with lots of debt obligations it's a prime suspect for vanity projects. Some new stadiums lead to hosting Super Bowls or giant events that get hotel revenues & retail businesses juiced, but not all of them. This would make a good article. This would also become a nice bridge for another department to investigate the sources of bond issuance, debt payments, expenses, etc. and write a different article.

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