Sunday, October 18, 2009

NCAA Football: A Fun Saturday

Saturday was a fun day to be a college football fan. Great games, classic rivalries, and tight finishes. It's a rarity to see so many games featuring top 10 teams come down to the wire or end up on the losing end. I managed to watch parts of 7 games yesterday while at the gym, at home or at a bar. October is a great month for sports fans with the NFL, NCAA football, MLB playoffs, and the start of the NHL season. On a cold Saturday, it's nice being in a warm home with the TV on and snack food to eat. It good escapism.

- I love how Texas-Oklahoma play their annual game at the Cotton Bowl. It's a huge oval stadium built to seat thousands, not built for luxury box a-holes. It's smack dab at the midpoint for each campus, and both teams have good groups of fans show up.

- I'm sorry to see Sam Bradford re-injure his shoulder. Truly sad. I'm not sad to see Colt McCoy get exposed this entire season for running a dink-dunk offense.

- I'm tired of Tim Tebow. He's not Jesus. He's not even a great QB. He's not. He doesn't even run well for a guy running the spread option offense. He will stink in the pros.

- I passed up on tickets to the OSU-Purdue game. I could have seen a huge upset, damn!

- Why did Pryor choose OSU over Michigan? Awful decision. Wrong offense, wrong coach, might even be the wrong conference. Must have received a few extra thousand from some OSU booster. His final 5 schools were Oregon, LSU, Michigan, OSU & Penn st. He got stupid advice.

- Jimmy Clausen looks for reals. He played well vs. a real defense. I bet he's next year's no. 1 NFL pick by the St. Louis Rams. He does more with chicken shit supporting players than any other ND QBs. He runs a good 2 min drill, has the physical tools, and plays in a pro style offense.

- People who compare QBs like Clausen and Bradford with Tebow like all 3 are similar for NFL potential and will be top 15 picks are retarded. Watching Tebow, Clausen and Bradford, it is obvious who is the passing QB, who has great physical skills for the NFL and who can run a passing offense. Tebow is a gimmick offense guy with a super slow delivery, average arm, and great skill players around him.

- Weird rule where at ND, when USC scores a TD, the refs have to start throwing penalties to keep the game interesting. It truly is amazing how ND has a completely different world for college football than everyone else. Opponents get flagged for flexing, for hitting guys inbounds, for diving at guys while they still aren't down, and for softly pushing QBs to the ground. All new rules I guess. The refs kept ND in that game. They stunk for the most part. Writers who watched the game know this. Watch, they will not drop in the polls either, they are the only team that can lose at home and not drop in the polls. They are the only team in the nation who has moral victories when they lose at home.

- Matt Barkley will be the no. 1 NFL pick in either 3 or 4 years. Let's hope it's not the Raiders. It would be amazing to think that two future no. 1 picks overall faced each other in the ND-USC 2009 game.

- The NCAA has to do away with the pre-snap look to the sideline by offenses. This is an unfair offensive advantage. What happens is the offense sets up, then the defense sets up, then the offensive coaches look at that defense and decide to change the play or not. This is unfair to defenses, and really annoying to watch.
- Seeing the full dress marching bands is always fun. It's not fair to call them band geeks when they get awesome uniforms and national TV exposure.

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