Thursday, October 15, 2009

MTV's The Ruins: "The Road to Ruins"

This is a mindless TV post as I need a break from serious issues.....

After 3 episodes now, I have to recap MTV's The Ruins. Three episodes are done with, and the teams have found some balance. In the first two episodes, Wes showed that he is smarter than almost everybody on that show (not too difficult) and that he is a fierce competitor. He also might be on 'roids. Just throwing it out there as he is jacked and has uncontrollable outbursts of rage. He has shown his value and now the champs, lead by the clever Evan, understand that they do need him to win challenges so they just can't try to eliminate him because they hate him. This guys are generally stupid, and Evan-Wes are the two bright ones. It's understandable they would clash in an Alpha Male-Lord of the Flies way. Here's why MTV brings them back: they are entertaining. I do enjoy watching their evil manipulations and lame strategy obsessions. It's a reality show, c'mon guys. That also did not stop Johanna from stating on camera, that if Wes threw a challenge at the end, she would sell his house. That's blackmail-extortion. On national television with rolling cameras and open mics. Idiot. Once again, this is a reality game show.

The Challengers can be summed up in one word: idiots. They finally win a challenge, and then they vote a 'strong' female into the Ruins putting her at risk instead of putting a weakling in the pit to be eliminated. They do not get it: nominate a weakling, if they win, great you go up 1 person, if they lose, you lose a weak teammate. The strong woman they nominated challenged a strong woman and lost. Dumb. In these challenges, always go up against an older competitor. With these jackasses, it's not the years, it's the miles. Stupid. Adam took on Syrus, which was smart as Syrus
might be 50. Sadly, he lost as Syrus broke a sweat for the first time the entire 3 episodes. It was entertaining watching these morons vote in strong folks for elimination, and then seeing them force a strong vs. strong match up or the young woman (22) not choose the 33 year old. An 11 year age difference with the MTV lifestyle usually means a 20 year difference in lung capacity & stamina.

There is an even more entertaining pseudo-talk show they sometimes run called "After the Ruins", which gets people back talking about that episode. They had on the Evelyn-Johnny-Wes-Kelly Anne. The Champions put their strongest female competitor against the strongest female challenger just to spite Wes. Dumb. They did not do this for strategy, just for spite. It backfired as Evelyn quit. Stupid as she is solid and kind of cute. One thing that was revealed was Johnny said Evelyn thought Kelly Anne was on 'roids. I would not believe this except for the visible loss of muscle mass from the Ruins to the "After Show", the large zit on Kelly Anne's left boob in ep 3 of the Ruins, and that she is really ripped on the Ruins. Women don't look like that. Oh yeah, her boyfriend is Wes who as mentioned above, has soem 'roid traits. Maybe they shoot each other up? I now lean towards her using 'roids for the challenge.
This episode lacked the drunken escapades, was heavy on the love story narrative between Evan-Veronica, and was a bit more about team. They wanted you to buy into the challengers coming together, instead of just being a bunch of party idiots. Oh wait, they did show a drunk Tonya making out with some random Thai girl. She aged in dog years. That's what alcohol, drugs, whoring and the aprty lifestyle will do to you. One complaint is the constant use of jump cuts or as they said in the 80s an MTV edit, where they switch camera shot every other second. Stay focused for a while and use a pan or zoom when establishing a setting or scene. I'll be watching each week, turning my brain off for one sweet hour.

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