Friday, October 02, 2009

MTV Real World Road Rules Challenge Is Back

MTV"s The Ruins debuted this week. It already has had blurred out boobs, some fighting, drunken escapades and statements about this contest as it is were geopolitical theater. These people are idiots. A few quick observations:

1. Syrus from Real World Boston looks about 80 years old now. RW Boston was in 97 (prob filmed in 96) and he was 25. So he's pushing 40, and contradicting the saying 'black don't crack', he looks closer to 50. He's lost a ton of weight & his face has aged. Lay off the drugs man.

2. Tonya from Real World Chicago looks awful. She is 29 but her skin looks terrible. She's gained weight in her face and a touch all over. She used to have implants, but either she got them out or they've fallen weird. I kind of consider myself an implant expert and I think she got them out and her weight gain is now her bosom. I will have to investigate.
2a. Same for Veronica. Holy shit did time catch up with her.

3. Not a lot of eye candy this season (from a hetero male POV). Kelly Anne is prob tops. Maybe this season they are throwing a bone to the lady viewers and not just stocking the show with bisexual bimbos. Hmmm, interesting.

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