Monday, October 05, 2009

Kudos to Saturday Night Live

They did it. They made fun of him. Very cute. I am just a little sad Fred Armisen dropped his vocal impersonation of Prez O. He really had the president's voice and style down by the end of last season. I like Fred, and his Prince impersonation is fantastic. I wish they'd use him more than they use Andy Samberg.

Interesting post on a comparison of what exactly we have for a Prez. I love a post that can mention both JFK & Mae West. Mae West was 70 years ahead of her time and puts a lot of young college women of today to shame.

There have been more psychobiographies on Richard Nixon than any other president. I am glad Nixon's zaniness created a genre of presidential biographies, and I hope that we see more of that nature make their way onto the book market. It is tough to match Nixon as his career played out like a 2 hour long "VH1 Behind the Music" with a death at the end. Poor beginnings, meteoric rise, close lose at the near peak, humbling defeat shortly after, lost in the woods period, amazing comeback (60 min mark), landslide win & peak, crumbling downfall & disgraceful resignation (last 30 mins). I would love to see a psychobiography on Jimmy Carter, especially for his behavior after being rejected by the nation.

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