Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gay People and Marriage

Using the term civil unions vs. marriage. That's what it comes down to. I feel like a broken record. Over 50% of Americans support gays having the right to legally recognized civil unions. The problem is gays want it to be called marriage. The battle gets over wording and all that comes with it. Just using the word marriage causes a 10% swing in support between two polls separated by 3 months. That's beyond the +/- factor; that's an effect of wording. If gays were smarter, they would just say 'recognition of civil unions'. They also would go through the legislative branch rather than courts as no one likes a group that uses lawyers and side doors to get what they need. I support the right for gay people to have civil unions recognized.

While I think this title is a bit extreme, I do find it funny coming from an LGBT site. My Democrat friend working in Congress uses far more colorful language to describe his timidity, but he was a Clinton supporter. I do want to point out that this falls directly into what I have been calling the Prez's MO: pretty speech to get you fired up, no details, no real action and eventually a letdown. At least others are starting to wake up. Do not put it past Hillary to run an internal challenge to Obama in 2012. Eventually, someone is going to come up with a great tag line for the 2010 midterm elections or 2012 like: "More Than Hope, Give Us Results".

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