Friday, October 02, 2009

Foreign Policy Poll & a Day Off

Looks like I am not alone with my complaints about Prez O's foreign policy. Toughen up Barry.

I've got the day off. It's needed as our busy season is in full gear. We have a half day offsite, so my field office already knew I'd be out half the day. I decided to take the whole day off and just relax. This means maybe 30 emails when I go back Monday rather than the normal 100 when I take a day off. I'm very interested to see the case numbers after Sept is collected because currently I do about 65% more work than anyone else. I'm not tooting my own horn, it's just the numbers. My office has increased production at an insane rate due to a new arrangement with a client since the case check this summer. I might ask that I be assigned an assistant or that my office have a team rather than just me assigned to it. Maybe we can hire a brunette midget and the field office can call him Little Mac and call me Big Mac. I know my boss is uncomfortable with me doing much more than the rest of my uw team, and these last couple of months have not helped that situation.

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