Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Betty Draper in GQ

January Jones, who plays Betty Draper on "Mad Men" is in GQ. They have a good cover shot (photo to the right) that maybe will get some man to sign up for the subscription cost of $1 per issue. I repeat $1 per issue. GQ is so desperate they will give the magazine away. Stay on target! While I enjoy that photo, I find it disappointing that the magazine views my gender as so boob fixated that they would go the cheap low cut route rather than focusing our attention to the contrast of her lips-complexion-eyes. Sometimes my fellow men just let me down.

All of these lame-o interviews and photo shoots are to increase Q rating and visibility to get better roles or to promote a current project. Maybe January Jones is trying to land soem female lead in aan action flick?? I thought maybe they would shoot some cool photos of her looking tough or non-Betty Draper, so maybe she will not just be typecast for the rest of her career as 60s housewife-MILF. Maybe some punkish photos. Well they kind of went in that direction......

They went EYES WIDE SHUT on January Jones. Who greenlighted this shit. I love garter belts on ladies. I love old timey looking udnerwear on women in photo shoots. I do not like old timey underwear crossed with weird bodysuits, stripper heels and Eyes Whide Shut style headgear. WTF!?!?!?

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