Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Association

Oh man do I love The Association. Great harmonies, awesome 60s sound, and stuff you cna listen to in any crowd. KJ was also in this band (I'm serious Kenny). "Cherish" is one of the saddest love songs I can think of that isn't a suicidal, Tori Amos-The Cure type of song. Not to denigrate those songs, but they sound stalkerish more than loving. It's cliche but unrequited love or mistimed love is so damn painful that it makes a great basis for art, whether it is a great novel, painting or melodious pop song. I love how in "Cherish" there is that line about need vs. want and how it truly is different. I also enjoy how the pleading singer puts down the 'other guys' with the line that they would use of 'agape' love as a cover for their true feeling, the 'eros' form of love. Simple pop songs can contain wonderful truths and emotion and "Cherish" is a wonderful expression of this specific human issue.


AG said...

I have their greatest hits and Chresh is one of my all time favorite sentimental 60's songs.

AG said...

Sorry, typo. Cherish.