Monday, October 12, 2009

An Abortion Post

Current American views on abortion. If you want to know how to make poll questions so confusing that they skew results, look at the Pew Research questions.

I wonder what the opinion poll for this would be in the UK or France where they have the abortion pills (RU 486, not just the morning after high estrogen pills) and they pray at the altar of themselves. It was an absolute shock to hear & witness such a cavalier attitude towards using those pills. I recall one girl saying "you're only allowed two & i've already nixed one". I remember trying to keep a poker face when I would hear comments like that. There was also something sad in hearing how Irish girls take the ferry across the Irish Sea to Scotland & England to have abortions. These talks would play out like scenes in a Nick Hornby novel. Note: more British men are built & look like Hornby than Clive Owen.

An abortion was the revelation in the most powerful scene in the Godfather 2. Pacino puts on an acting clinic without speaking, and Keaton has that absolutely depressed look in her eyes as she reveals that she would rather kill her child than bring it into their family. Godfather 2 was set int he 1950s but made in 1974, this was not in the book, and the release was a year after Roe v. Wade. Coppola was brilliant. I remember that scene staying with my friends and I when we watched it because it was so emotional, powerful and sad. Maybe that's why I was jarred by the Euro girls and their attitude.

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