Friday, October 02, 2009

2016 Olympics

I'm a little bummed Chicago did not win the Olympics for 2016. Since American TV money provides most Olympics funding, we should get a games once a decade. I just want to point out that the 2016 Olympics were going to Rio the moment Rio was called a finalist. The Olympics went to China in 2008 as a 'coming out' party. The 2016 games in Rio will be Brazil's coming out party. They are part of the growing "BRIC" group of countries with growing economies and influence around the world. Plus, the former IOC chairman said as he left his post that he wanted to see a games hosted in South America or Africa.

I'm not going to comment on you-know-who flying out in the middle of our financial-war shitstorm to help with the Chicago bid to payback old friend Mayor Daley. Doesn't look good. Sometimes there are fights you can win but shouldn't lose, and someone should have advised him of that. I also didn't know that you need government funds ot learn to ride a bike.

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