Saturday, October 03, 2009

2016 Olympic Comedy

I guess there's no limit to what we can blame Bush for..... losing the Olympic bid a year after he's out of office? I saw the Rowdy Gaines comment on TV & laughed out loud. It's just not looking at the bid in a rational manner. I also want to point out that this was the first time I saw an Olmypic bid announcement covered by cable news like it's a big frickin' deal. Rio had a great bid, it was their 3rd try, they had a unified government initiative to make the bid, they are growing, they are a "BRIC" country, they would be the 1st country in South America to host the games, an emerging power from the 3rd world, and they have lots of half naked people roaming the streets at Carnivale.

One has to wonder what the foreign opinion of the USA will be when pollsters do their annual worldwide poll of favorable/unfavorable views of the USA. It might show that foreigners like the POTUS more than the last one but have the same opinion of the nation at large. That's my prediction.

Note: After watching the speeches by the Obamas, I get the feeling the IOC folks rolled their eyes at how many points related to them. I know this problem. It's the "Ivy Leaguer world revolves around me" syndrome. Harvard kids don't change lightbulbs, they stand still and let the world rotate around them. Rule number 1: There is always someone smarter than you. Stay humble.

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