Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Multiple Problems Solved: CO2 + Oil wells

I love it when nerds put their minds to fixing problems and not just making the next consumer electronics gizmo. Looks like the nerds are attacking old oil wells in a third stage of recovery with enviros favorite villain (for now) CO2 in a process called CO2-EOR. Flooding old oil wells with CO2 recovers more oil from old wells, boosting production, and removes CO2 from the atmosphere and sequesters it back into the ground (that article is from 2001). This newer article actually cites some field evidence of it working. The peak oil debunked guy wrote about it in 2006. It is quite the change to the oil and CO2 situations if the US can add 40-89 billion barrels of oil to its recoverable reserves. There has been talk about "clean coal", CO2 capture & sequestering and numerous CO2 scrubbing ideas, but if we can get CO2 underground in old wells and pump out usable oil at the same time, it sounds like a much cooler way to sequester and store CO2. Killing two birds with one stone. We should all like that.

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