Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mad Men Season 3

Mad Men Season 3 has had some meandering and some waffling here and there. There have been 5 episodes so far and I'll list my likes and dislikes. There's been some waste, and I am upset they set this in 1962 to have Draper child 3's delivery in the season rather than speeding us along and setting it in 1963, so we could have the obligatory "Where were you when JFK was shot?" episode. That will have to wait for next year. WRONG. I AM WRONG. It is 1963 THIS SEASON!!!!!
1. Peggy Olson's development as glass ceiling breaker and the story arc I have been calling. She's going to embody the 'feminist' movement and not have a family. I can just feel it.
2. Don Draper being Don Draper. The man is meant to be mysterious, charming, confident and womanizing.
3. Closet case Italian guy developments. I don't know what was better: the gay recreation of his TV ad for his horrified-confused wife or having a semi-tryst with the bellhop on the business trip. Bonus points for Don catching him, but saying nothing, so now a secret is between the two. Extra Bonus points for the green nighty outfit the closet case's wife wore one episode.
4. Betty's dad moving in and being a Grampa. Show old stuff to kids, be a jerk and eat ice cream with kids. That's what Grampa's do.
5. Big Red and the Redettes. I enjoyed the glimpse into her homelife and how her husband is this perfect catch (handsome, Doctor, smart, etc.) but really he's a failure douchebag who sexually assaulted her last season.
6. Smary guy (Pete Campbell) and his wife dancing at the stupid party hosted by Mr. Sterling. Pretty entertaining. The blackface segment that episode was weird.
7. Paul Kinsey calling in an old Princeton friend for weed who happens to be Miles Fisher. Even better that Peggy toked with them. Kinsey being more open about his hippie leanings is a nice set up for later 60s stuff.
8. The British. Just the line after the lawnmower incident "he'll never golf again" was brilliant.
9. 1960s stuff like Ann Margaret, stewardess uniforms, and the tacky wallpaper still make me happy.
10. The appearance of a "that guy" actor as Conrad Hilton. I hope to see him more.

1. Dream sequences. They sucked on the Sopranos and they suck here. Stop it.
2. The TV Dept guy needs a better development or more screentime. There are iconic TV ads from that era, and they need to have him be a part of one.
3. Betty Draper. I just dislike her more each season. I can see her all wrinkled and smoking cigs 20 years later, acting miserable to her grown daughter and grandkids.
4. The fact that this is on cable and not HBO-Showtime. Dammit!
5. The idea that they might split a character or two to another agency. I don't want to have to follow them around at other agencies. I want one house, one spotlight, one setting.

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