Sunday, September 13, 2009


Foxwoods is on the ropes? Maybe fail. They used the 'sovereign authority' exemption to get a casino in a state where gambling is illegal. They also banded together a loose tribe. They also suffered from severe greed as many people do. If they made bad choices, just like everyone else who overextended themselves. I don't give a shit. Foxwoods did pay out to tribal members but let's be honest: the state of Connecticut and all of their 'investors' were the driving force behind 250 American Indians banding together for a casino. I am a bit sickened how the Globe says the Pequot could not find investors, when it has been long rumored that a group of investors found the Pequot and their 'sovereign' loophole to put a casino about 2 hours from Boston, NYC & Hartford.

As a customer of Foxwoods, I saw them change customs and rules to fit their greed. They used to be a tax free shopping and eating destination since they were 'sovereign land'. That went out the window when they charged a "tribal fee" which matched Connecticut's sales tax. That's pure profit for them. They also skimped on comps. They also did not have the payouts for special hands at their poker tables. In Vegas, it is custom to give a free meal, jacket, etc. to someone who gets 4 of a kind or a straight flush. As of 2005, it was for royal flush hands only. Yup, way to be good to paying customers. They had odd behavior with drinks as well where I remember no waitresses coming around for 30 mins at a time. I don't even want to get into the way they target senior citizens, as all casinos do that, but it's rather twisted.

I'm not against gambling. In fact, I like it. Foxwoods had such a monopoly with gaming (Mohegan Sun sucks), that they could do as they pleased. I didn't like that. If they had to live on the Strip in Vegas, they would have been way friendlier. They also would have been a bit more careful with their expansion as they would have had competition all around them. Alas, the mighty 250 Pequot American Indians did not and now may have to go back to making a living like the rest of us.

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