Saturday, September 26, 2009

Foreign Policy Stuff

So much going on in the world, so much. The Global Recession still has everyone lying low, firing up the printing presses and sharpening the protectionism knives. Iran keeps marching towards the Bomb, Latin America is having pro-democracy rallies and counterrallies, the US has sold out Eastern Europe to Russia, China has 20-30 million unemployed people but won't admit it, Japan just elected a party that said they want US bonds denominated in yen, Pakistan is shaky, Afganistan is shakier, and we still have 130K troops in Iraq... we also won't be closing Guantanamo Bay anytime soon. No, George W. Bush is not the president. I do like the idea of getting our boys home in a quick and safe manner as they have done a good job, and this sounds OK for Afganistan. Wild times.

I like France's leader Sarkozy. He's been trying to reform France's strike happy workforce, trying to restrain overspending, and he's been pretty tough on the Muslims in France who want to force French women into wearing full body garb all day long. He also came out quickly in support of the Iranian democracy protestors. I also like his realism when it comes to Iran's government. He kind of wakes Prez O up from the "it'll be all good when i can sit & talk to them" dream. I'm waiting for Prez O's "dialogue setting change" now that the Iranians revealed they've had a 2nd secret uranium enriching location while he's been extending the olive branch. How can you negotiate when they've been playing possum on the critical issue? Pretty plain and strong words here from Sarkozy. Sarkozy is called the French JFK. I'm waiting on that one, but I like the cut of his jib so far.

This British headline here nearly made me shit my pants. This is from a major newspaper, and the British are not good at insulting people (self admittingly), but they made me laugh with that one. The Brits were also the first to smell the stink to Prez O with his bizarro gifts to the UK prime minister and his wife. I've not been a fan of the "I'm Awesome & Here to Apologize" tour from Prez O this year, and I am even less of a fan of his coming gigantic flip flop on Afganistan-Pakistan. Remember, that was the "good fight" we were suppose to concentrate on instead of Iraq. This guy does a good job of discussing the coming flip. I recall him saying we couldn't let Al Qaida have a playground and training field there. C'mon Barry!

I decided to make a foreign policy tag as it is my real love when it comes to politics, and a big part of the reason I went abroad. I quickly learned foreign people are just as good or bad as Americans. I did love how all the foreign kids worked & lived at a slower pace than the ave American despite being 18-22 yrs old. I'm a firm believer in the idea that you don't truly have allies, you only have interests. This is why I keep pushing my nat gas transportation fuel program. I believe government is there to be the umpire when it comes to enforcing contracts, should protect it's citizens from foreign attacks, and provide a stable currency.

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