Friday, September 11, 2009


Another year has passed, and no further attacks on US soil. Truly amazing. I never would have thought that 8 years would pass with no follow up attack. No biological attacks. No colorful explosions. No dirty bomb attacks. No dynamite loaded shopping cart pushed into a train station or shopping center. Thank you to all involved from soldiers on down to alert citizens.

I remember there was that we got to carry on and be normal again vibe on campus, but it was hard to when you only go to class maybe 4 hours a day and 24-7 news had updates of the wreckage or the operations in Afganistan. There was so much pent up emotion and tension that I recall people just crying for no reason with confused looks on their faces. I also remember drinking Miller High Life with friends and watching the President throw a strike to open the first World Series game in NY. I still get the chills watching it. I don't agree with things he did later, but that night, he made everyone in my apartment feel good. The news and paranoia was terrible, and there was so much confusion and fear. When the Prez walked out there all business and threw a strike, it was like "fuck, hiding in our living rooms watching CNN all night, let's get this show on the road and play ball". Game 3 would be like any other game 3 since the Prez threw out the 1st pitch. The Yanks had to play, and life must go on.

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