Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last Centurion

"The Last Centurion" is a summer read that flows like a Heinlein book. If you like Heinlein's writing, check this book out. It was a bit over the top sometimes with its points, but I enjoyed it. It also made me check my survival kit that my wife & I have stocked. I can't wait for a house, so I can stock my garage & have a generator for emergencies. The book also showed me other reasons to not eat organic foods and reminded me to thank the men and women who serve in our armed forces. The bummer is that I drafted up this movie screenplay (I mention it here) "1000 miles" about a post-flu epidemic that fucks up civilization and forces a group of people to travel 1000 miles to their families. This felt like the guy took that concept and make it a really interesting universe that one could easily write the "1000 miles" idea into and have fun with it. I read this at times and said "dammit why didn't I write this first". There is much more military stuff in this, and that was something I did not have at all in my idea.

Thank you veterans for your service and members of our military for standing watch on the wall.

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