Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brave New World Here and Now

After a while, I just start feeling like Bernard Marx at the beginning of "Brave New World". I swear I've ranted about "Brave New World" before this post. A constant point I make in discussions of dystopian literature is that while people always talked about the fear of "1984" coming true (Soviet bloc people lived it), few people noticed from 1970 to now how Western countries had drifted closer and closer to the imagined society of "Brave New World". Sure the dystopia of Brave New World chokes the individual, but at least you can get exiled to live with other non-conformists (in the Falklands?), as opposed to torture & death in Oceania in 1984. In both instances, the individual is lost amongst the group, the state, but there's an out in Brave New World that allows an individual to be an individual. In Oceania, you get ground to dust, and then they wait to kill you. Patient totalitarian bastards.

This popped up as I saw that "GI Joe" had a huge opening weekend. Not even Paul Blart Mall Cop being a no. 1 movie is as bad as this. It's just a side effect to the real decay. Similar to the outpouring of emotion for the death of a pedophile who had not done anything culturally significant for over 10 years. Add in rising illegitimacy, the multiculturalism instead of integration movement, broken family dynamics, more children raised in 1 parent homes, decrease in church attendance figures (maybe that will change with GD 2.0), rising govt role in everything, and our world starts to look more like "Brave New World". Destroy the family unit, provide basic services/wealth even if you have to 'trick' people into thinking their lot in life is optimal, make people consider themselves as gods, and you're almost there.

I'm pro-legal immigration. My relatives all were immigrants looking for a better lot in life. I am fine with the work permit visas for immigrants. I do feel our immigration policy or lack of enforcement of illegal employment hurts poor or lower skilled people immensely. Let's not even touch the outsourcing of so many skilled jobs all for 1% better return on capital (that's for another post). In a nation of 10% unemployment (the kindest measure of UE), there are no longer any 'jobs Americans won't do'. This illegal employment ends up hurting the lower end of the income spectrum, limiting economic mobility & creating a growing underclass (birthrates at lower incomes are higher than middle incomes). No real wealth creation & preservation to hand down to later generations on which they build. What to do to prevent riots? Drug them up with cheap antidepressants, sugar sweet foods and make sure they have access to cheap consumer goods that develop a wealth effect. Throw in a never ending cornucpoia of entertainment 24-7, a heavy dose of free & private pornography, and it's submission time. Fat, lazy, stupid and obedient. Must be a relation in derivation between the words obedient and obese. Fat people don't protest, hell they start sweating thinking about walking. If the sedate populace needs govt assistance, even better, now they have a mouth (vote) that is dependent on the d-bags in charge. You give them the brave new world with all of its faux riches, and they will never put up a fight.

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