Monday, July 13, 2009

TV Show Idea

Travel Channel or E! is looking for a fun show to spotlight different cities and hot spot destinations. They should roll with my show based on the idea of me and maybe a friend or two going to all of the great drinking spots in a town & drinking the specialties of that area, country, city, etc. This would act a lot like "No Reservations" but without an old guy who is cranky all of the time. We'd film for 2-3 days in each city. First day is just getting there and scoping the citywith scenery shots and set ups for the 2nd 'act'. The first night is wehre me and my crew just go and drink tons at the bars in that town and rage it. Day 2 starts with a brunch at some local hangover central place. Recap the previous night with flashback shots of stuff we vaguely remember. Day 2 is recovery day so then I'd go meet some person who would take me to that city-region's alcohol specialty place. Maybe it's the wineries of that area. Maybe it's a brewery that started a microbrew movement in the area. Maybe it's homegrown vodka-like spirits in Eastern European country homes. Whatever it is, it is a way to chill out. Night 2 is spent raging it in the more local spots that don't cater to young people and have more of the local flavor of alcohol. Day 3 has the wake up & wrap up shots and a "hair of the dog" drink before the crew departs.

Costs would be low if we keep it to 3 days of shooting. The other factor is making it 30 mins. Keep it simple and in 3 pieces. I think some travel shows try to stretch 40 minutes of material into a 60 min show, when cutting back and having a chock full 30 minute show would be better. If E! wants a piece, I could do it for them, but would not want it to be the new edition of "Wild On...". We'd keep the focus on the alcohol and the specialty of the area. A show on ciders in England would be great. Going through Bavaria and drinking the small specialty beers would be a blast. Bourbon country in Kentucky would be fun. The possibilities are enough to fill a few 12 episode length seasons. If Samantha Brown can have a lame show for middle aged, contrarian travel, then I can have a drinking show. You know exactly what I am talking about; Samantha Brown is always talking about how this spot has no tourists or Americans in sight. It's great, we get it, you want to be unique when you travel. We want to get drunk!

I'd call it "On the House" or "Who's Buyin'?"

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