Friday, July 03, 2009

Star Trek

Finally saw the Star Trek franchise reboot movie of 2009. It is 2 hours and 20 minutes but does not feel that long. Nice story, nice action scenes, nice character development, nice special effects, and once again, a J.J. Abrams story that has parent-child stuff as a constant theme. This is a good popcorn film that has enough winks and nods at the original tv show. The "i'm a doctor not a ---", "i'm givin you all she's got captain", the green girl, and other small gestures were nice. It's an origin story, and some elements have been alluded to in other venues like the test that Kirk cheats at to be the only member to pass. This is what an action-adventure movie is suppose to be.

Some random observations....

- Winona Ryder as Spock's mom. I chuckled when I saw her. Stop stealing clothes Winona.

- That black dude that writes terrible black stuff for tv and cinema was in it pretending to not be gay, Tyler Perry. This guy rolls in dough, so why did he have to show up and do his terrible acting for 5 minutes.

- Simon Pegg was a nice comic relief piece at the end as "Scotty". I enjoy his work. The crowd did as well.

- The womanizing Kirk was displayed to a T, and appreciated by somoene who has always said "you lose vs the Enterprise because Spock outthinks you, Kirk steals your girl, and Scotty gets you drunk".

- If Abrams takes 2-3 years and gets a great script, he could make a great follow up and set this franchise up for the long haul. All the leads are young, and they would be dumb to turn down 10 years worth of paychecks &steady work in between "serious projects". A bad 2nd movie would spoil this great reboot.

- The trailer for "Sherlock Holmes" was good and makes me want to see it. This seems like the Holmes of the original tales. Nice job trailer editor.

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