Friday, July 31, 2009


This video qualifies as a nightmare maker for children in the 1980s. Don't come around here no more scared the living shit out of me as a kid. This was a video that really took advantage of the format. It used the framework of "Through the Looking Glass" to creep people the fuck out. Tom Petty is pretty weird looking, and he used that in videos like this one and "Mary Jane's Last Dance". The cake part just finishes me off. Cannibalism mixed with creepy music does not make for sweet dreams for children. Jesus.

I've contemplated creepy recently, and think creepy = unnatural. The mind knows something is not normal or natural and instantly has a little revulsion, which we call creepy. It is probably a hardwiring in the brain that unnatural or slightly off means "genetic problem, do not mate". Robots that look humanoid but are not quite right. People who have a facial characteristic that makes them different from the norm. Shades of skin like "sickly green" or "ghostly translucent white". Things that have one thing out of proportion. The hallways and rooms in "The Shining" were so large that they created a creepy atmosphere.
Creepiness does have a place in our world. I do enjoy having things around that are creepy, watching creepy movies, and even the occasional creepy attitudes of a friend or coworker. It gives you a feeling. Not everything in life can be sanitized and removed of all painful or bad emotions. So many people are afraid of pain when denying yourself those emotions and feelings might be the worst pain you can inflict. Don't just go numb.

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AG said...

The cake scene still freaks me out.