Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Brickyard 400 2009

Today I watched the Brickyard 400 from a luxury suite box. It was incredibly loud. The vibrations from the cars shake your hand as you hold a drink. The exhaust by the end of the race makes you feel like you smoked unfiltered cigs. The speed is breathtaking. The small bumps you see on TV look far worse in person. The movements of the cars when drivers attempt to pass have a dance quality to them. The crowd of 250K was HUMUNGOUS. You see as many black people there as at a Red Sox game (2). Lots of "this is ourrrrr counnnnnntry" looking folk. I will post photos, here and on facebook. I respect the drivers and pit crews, and it is fun to watch live, but NASCAR is not my cup of tea.

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