Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend with Family

This weekend I got to spend time with two readers of my blog, wait that's self centered, two dear relatives. They took me to see "Wicked", which is that cool update of the Oz world. I loved that they went to Shiz University. Their slogan should have been "It's the Shiz". That is so stupid that it had me laughing for most of the school scenes, but I could tell no one out of shame. I'm laughing right now. I had not seen a musical in years, and this one was very entertaining. Phantom of the Opera was better, but I think that has to do with the wonderful story of "Phantom". Wicked had some good songs, and did not suffer from that "all lines are sung" trait that some musicals have. I dislike that (even though Phantom does that). Best part was that my cousins won tickets at the lottery that afternoon. Woohoo.

My side of the new experience weekend was taking them to a Brazilian steakhouse. Nonstop food, great service, and some of the best cuts of meat you'll ever have. You have to like a place that gives you a red light-green light coaster for when you want beed. More places should be set up like that. I also showed them Mulholland Drive and Boogie Nights, which all people should watch. These movies are must sees. Boogie Nights is a movie they could have turned into a fantastic HBO series. Mulholland Drive always makes me question what is real. Recently, I have had 2 different moments thinking "this can't be real". Sometimes you can't plan something better that it happens. Other moments are straight out of bizarro world.

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Erica said...

I won the lottery!.......Bitches!
and i totally saw Muholland drive before I watched it at your place. Boogie Nights on the other hand....was all you.