Thursday, June 11, 2009

MTV's The Duel 2

MTV gave people looking for mind numbing television another buffet to munch on called "The Duel 2". Here's their reality challenges: they take men & women who never grew up after their experience on MTV that were crazy and attractive, send them to a wild location, have them do goofy stunts and challenges, give them prizes, and get them to make asses of themselves for a month, film it, and in the end, give a couple folks triple the average American's salary. This formula works for great insanity and unintentional comedy. I don't watch much on MTV. I stick to Audrina Partridge in low cut tops and Real World Road Rules challenges such as The Duel 2.

The rule to being on the Duel is you have to be crazy. You don't have to be crazy all of the time like Dunbar or CT, but you have to have the potential to get craziest person in the bar crazy. There must be an element of danger. You also have to be so self absorbed that you would leave your family and everything you love behind for a month just to compete for a 1 in 12 chance of winning 100K or so. The men are generally on steroids. Most of these guys you see on RW or RR and they are normal looking, but then once they get to a challenge like the Duel, they are 40 lbs heavier and have rage problems. The women are generally enhanced as well, and are usually of the bi curious nature. There is romance in the air, and it could be of Sapphic nature. The challenges are fun, but the real joy is the events shown of idiots stuffed into a house with no tv, music or entertainment but plenty of booze. Whatever behaviors someone had on RW or RR are kicked into the 20th gear on these challenges.

There is something odd about these people acting so childish in a pursuit of small fortunes. The fee for appearing must be very small if 3rd place is only 15K. Is it worth it to look like an ass on TV for a couple grand? Some hard work could earn them 100K. Do these people see their parents or siblings afterwards and go "that wasn't me, that was the Patron talking"? I hope they just shrug it off, and are at peace with it. I'd hate to think they cry at night over being jackasses that can't hold jobs and have to hope they are being just wild enough to be invited back for the next challenge. Wait, no that would be enjoyable. Maybe this ties into the desire of any young people to be famous now. This might be similar to those old 70s porn stars who thought that since they were on film in theaters they were actors like the movie stars. Look, I am on TV so I must be a TV celebrity.
My favorite guys on the show were 1. Mark - the guy from RR 1, who is 40-ish and seems geniunely nice. He seems like the older brother you wish you had. 2. Dunbar - this guy is insane and could easily kill someone at a challenge. He's like a mix of the Marquis de Sade and Bart Simpson. Childish and dangerous. 3. Landon - my wife thought he was pretty to the point where he'd take longer to get ready than she would. he's also the gayest straight man i've seen in a while. he'll come out at the next show.
My favorite ladies were 1. Rachel - Kind of the bi queen of the show. Everyone dug her, she was very confident, and she seemed slightly intelligent. She didn't have that air of desperation so many of the girls on the show have (unlike Shauvon). 2. Paula - Friendly, insane, low self esteem, lots of fun.... What is there not to like? She had a good sense of humor. 3. Brooke - She is a fine brunette. Didn't really stand a chance with all of the butch girls around.
I did not think anything would top the Island season of challenge when people where recreating the 1st season of survivor but with alcohol substituting for water. The Duel 2 had a terrible into Haka chant. The Duel 2 put a number of bi curious women in one room. It was non-stop middle school flirting and sorority house romping around with those ladies. There was a "genuine" relationship between Jenn & Rachel, but the ladies set the women's movement back 10 years. Add in their behavior with the men, and there's one strong woman on the entire show, Rachel. The duel 2 also added the genius challenge of a spelling bee. Even before the bee begins, Mark asks MJ to spell 'gnarly'. He spells it with a K and incorrectly during two attempts. You knew it would be on when the bee began. They split it up into grade level difficulty, and you got to know who was retarded. Arithmetic became "arthmatic". Exercise became "excerise". Freight became "frate". Throne became "thron". "Frate" was my favorite as it was accompanied by the most confused look the entire challenge. The men were slightly better than the women, but it was a beautiful demonstration of the semi-literate people who populate MTV's universe. This challenge had my wife and I in howling fits of laughter. I hope this becomes an MTV reality challenge staple. Kind of like how Mark is over 40 but still on MTV. I will return, but will Mark.
You stay classy MTV.

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