Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will I eventually collect all of these in one book?

From a bad insight
Question all that surrounds you
End up self loathing
Did anyone else ever see or read that terrible book of poetry by Jewel? It was incredibly interesting to view as a piece of agent-PR person genius. It got her good money with what 1 album under her belt, a built in audience helped the publisher, and people got to read gems like "junkie" or "crackhead". I can't remember the exact title but the poem was the title and then "momma always said i'd grow up to be one". that's it. That's the poem. Brilliant. That's the entire page. It's a couple hundred pages in length but the poems stacked back to back probably add up to 40 pages. She was no W.H. Auden, but hey, she still pulled a book of poetry together for us to enjoy.

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