Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why I am excited for the future

....if we can have head implants and upgrades for mental capabilities, will they be allowed by law or kept off the market because they would give people who could afford them an unfair intelligence advantage?

...will mental-brain upgrades be looked down upon by society? fast before household robots are mass marketed?

...robots are already used in war zones and manufacturing, what industry could use robots and free up a lot of human time?

...what do we do with all of the newly unemployed people because of robot use? many marriages break up because one partner's sex robot looks too much one of their friends (or an ex)?

...will robots ever become sentient? if so, then how fast do hippies move to protect them?

...can an affordable flying car be mass produced?

...will we ever get cold fusion? will we ever need it?

...can we create safe, useful energy storage systems to make better use of intermittent sources like wind and solar?

...will we try space based solar power?

...will we move into space more freely?

...will it be overpopulation or depopulation?

...will the world turn into one giant retirement home?

...will human life expectancy continue to lengthen? if so, do we redefine institutions like marriage, parenting, carrer, education? How fast do those institutions adapt?

...does the singularity happen?

I'm looking forward to these questions and more being answered in the next 70 years.

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