Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theme Song for Twilight....

...could be "Into the Night". Once again, it is about an adult man in love with a 16 year old. There was one friend I used to sing this song to because I always joked how it sounded like the guy ripped off a testicle as he sang. He really gets up there in the pained lover vibe. That's what you get for breaking the law. I'm bringing this up because 1. the ladies at work are already talking about the 2nd Twilight film and 2. if this dude had said "she's just 18 years old", his song would get even more play on adult FM.

Speaking of creepy, a work contact I have had through 3 different jobs & companies showed up today for a business relationship building trip. This guy just oozes creepy. Part of it is his demeanor and his stare. He stares a lot. Part of it is that he slept with one of my coworkers at my last company who was a easy, annoying, confused, gross and desperate 22 year old. Literally he showed up at a happy hour, told her his hotel, and left, waiting for his hook up. Even weirder, she slept with another business contact earlier that week.... and the 2nd guy knew. Standards, keep your standards up.

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