Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stupid at Work

There's a coworker who always says "Oh Jeez, you always dress in black". After like the 5th time he mentioned this, I made a point to not wear black for a month. The very moment I wore black again, "oh jeez, always in black is you". Yeah, I work with Yoda. I let it slide (he is a nice guy) because I discovered a pattern with him. When he sees something or hears something twice, he thinks it is a trend or habit. This is actually dangerous results wise with my job. We are hired to look for patterns and make pricing decisions based on them. Two does not make a pattern. He did it today with a woman's gait in the hall "yer always stomping", and I was like wait, "no way does Mrs. Derp stomp". It just happened to be a day where she wore chunky heels. It was just stupid, and I have to vent here and get it out of my system because.....

people at work found on Facebook, I stupidly accepted them as friends and now I have to work edit my Facebook. I don't edit anything else. If those people wanted to have contact with me somehow, someway outside of work, they will get me in all my borderline sociopath glory. If I write about backne, dysentery, or being awesome, they will know about it. It's like having your ex-wife on Facebook and shared custody of the kids is the case. You can't vent about her slacking on it since she can read it. It's bad enough that dumb dumb the 5 year old flirty girl friended me on Valentine's day, which if I denied would only lead to dumber emails the next week. Now I have 2 people on there that cause me to have slight headaches because of how they are at work. They are in my field office. They can be a pain, but I'm easygoing. Now I know that they update Facebook while working. Makes me upset for a second, and then it passes.
What makes matters worse are the people at work who are friends on Facebook with the people I am friends with, but they aren't friends with me. There's a whole network of that. I am a pretty easy going person who rolls with life's punches, but I dislike the gossip mill. I disliked it when I was the subject of gossip at my first job that was totally untrue, and I try to respect people's privacy. It's like a never ending surveillance by these folks. There should be time to leave the work behind, as I dislike having to be on my best schoolboy choir behavior at work for 8 hours a day. A fellow at work got lunch several times with another woman, and rumors started spreading about them. None were true. Really really lame. This is why I get lunch in groups if I leave the building. Let's think this through though, if they were having a secret affair, why were they getting lunch together in plain sight? Stupid. I always thought when you grew up, people stopped the playground behavior. I was wrong.
Fuck it. I'm going to type a status update once on Facebook "wanted to punch someone at work in the face. Luckily, I controlled myself".

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