Monday, May 11, 2009

Mood Music

I need some friends between ages 52-62 that are not related to me or a coworker so I can ask them what the non-R&B mood music for hooking up to was in the '70s. Do any of my 7 readers know? I suspect a lot of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, as Dave Matthews stole JT's method of operating and has printed money using it for the last 15 years. Even on my college mood music playlist, Joni Mitchell made an appearance with "Help Me". What an oustanding album cover for Blue!

Sadly, this song encapsulated every serious college relationship I had. Yes, yes if you heard this song, you're in trouble because I'm a rambler and a gambler and a sweet talkin' ladies man, and you knew that I love my luving, but wait, not like I love my freedom. In the end, we'll end break up yet still be flirting around, flirting flirting, not going anywhere deeper emotionally or reuniting but hurting, too.
While at work today, I was discussing with a coworker I'd consider a friend the concept of how females will mislead friends about potential mates to play matchmaker. They do it to one another, to guy friends, to random people they want to help, and even to themselves as they describe their spouse or kid. I also call this the ugly baby problem. Someone tells you they have such a cute kid and then you see the kid and you can't just say "damn that's one ugly kid". Why were they trumping this kid up? They do it with their hubbies, too. After the 5th or 6th time someone calls their husband really handsome and you get annoyed because you disagree, what can you do? Eyerolling is effective. My cowowrker was saying how she glosses over mental/emotional things more than physical things unless she thought she had to sell a guy-girl hard to a friend. As she said, you figure out code words to hide truths. That made us both laugh, but I would want full mental disclosure. This is where I miss my Navy friends as they were the most honest group of guys I ever knew as a crew. With dance club lighting and smoky bars, they knew when to protect a friend, and no man was ever left behind.


AG said...

I kid you not that song was also my theme at UMO in the 80's during my peasant skirt girl phase.

Son of Brock Landers said...

The Russian peasant girl look! It's an incredible song that captures a common feeling so very very well. Plus, her voice has a smooth tenderness to it.