Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Lucid Dream

I had a detailed lucid dream....
So I'm walking behind a series of large CNC machines, cleaning and painting, much like my summer job with UTC in college. Suddenly, a bunch of old guys start clearing out, and I hear gunshots. The Terminator (T-1000 version) has entered the building, looking for me. I end up flying above the room and enter the ceiling to watch him. Eventually he catches on, so I drop down from the ceiling and slam him in the back. I then take off through the air, and while flying I think "Ah yes I am dreaming, this is gonna be awesome". My mind then destroys the T-1000 chase dream sequence and I start to fly through walls. Not like vapor mist through the walls, fly through them and reduce them to rubble. I then pick up my speed and start to aim for different materials to have some fun.

This gets boring but then I hear lutes, horns and weird drums in the distance. I then fly to this sound and find this brunette (hair kind of crazy-wavy, down to her waist), medium height, and giant, blue eyes dressed in this weird Stevie Nicks in 1979 looking outfit. It's green & white with lots of frill & lace; she is barefoot and does not blink. Behind her, there is a painting of wings and ribbons. The wings looked like stylized wings you'd rip off an angel with blood and ligaments sticking out. So at this point I'm like "I dont want to do it with this chick in front of this creepy painting". Totally dropping that, this woman starts to explain bad shit coming my way. I stop her and say "wait, i control this dream, and you're a buzz kill". I then get scolded for this and am told "this is a precognitive dream and instead of seeing it you're hearing it, don't forget my words".
I am well aware that I am crazy, but to recap weird, precog sorceress lady...
America has a currency crisis, my wife dies in a car accident, I nearly die from dysentery, and in the end, I devote my life to helping those less fortunate at some ranch. (I remember this because I have a finely tuned audiographic memory.)
There is a lot of mystery in life and the 3 lb universe known as the human brain. There is a part of me that believes in precognitive dreams, because I don't get deja vu as much as I get "oh yeah i remember doing this" because life plays out just like a dream from 6-9 months earlier. When surrounded by people I do not know & in great clothes in a dream, I wake up & think "i'll be changing jobs soon" or "I'm going to a wedding". Mark my words, I will not end up on a ranch devoting my life to those less fortunate unless a gigantic, worldwide calamity occurs.
Off to the gym to channel aggressive energy and mitigate my insanity.

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