Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Katy Perry - Stop, Just Stop

Watching tonight's results Idol show with the wifey, Katy Perry jumped onstage and performed some awful song. Not that perfect pop candy piece from last year. All Katy Perry appearances can be broken down into....

1. Dress like a jackass

2. Dress like an old timey glamour movie star

Number 1 is just the Cyndi lauper routine, but Cyndi sold it far better. I prefer number 2, as her build harkens back to a day when only Audrey Hepburn was anorexic, and Judy Garland & America could take pep pills (meth), and it was "good" for us. Smoke Chesterfields! I'm kind of bummed out she's a 2 hit wonder, which means no appearances on one hit wonder lists. I secretly think she's a lab creation in the entertainment industry's attempt to clone Zooey Deschanel for use in more blah movies. Katy tries hard, but it's just lame.
Her marketing is more a byproduct of the current entertainment industry. I sometimes wonder why all high school movies and tv shows now have a high dork-nerd quotient. It's been great for Michael Cera's career, as that is the only role he can play, but I get tired of the same teen movie about some dork who finds love or comes up in the clutch. Where are my 80s teen movies that had dorks as sidekicks or ancillary plotlines. Ferris Bueller's Day Off comes to mind. Cool son of a bitch with a hot girlfriend & dorky, likeable friend. It is like Katy Perry's manager and agent have read the mind of this dork movement. Even when she does something 'sexy', she is campy, kitschy, dorky, or horribly over the top and annoying.
Katy Perry usually makes me nostalgic for the '80s. Sometimes I lament the downfall of MTV, and other times I laugh at how ridiculous it has become and enjoy its downward spiral. Some artists would be helped by MTV, and some artists could give us something memorable witht he music video medium. Most videos were trash, but I can still recall the buzz about MTV not playing Madonna's Justify My Love, which looks OK compared to modern cable TV. I remember staying up to watch premiere's of videos with my dad. Katy Perry's team of handlers could really stretch her as an artist, maybe by producing a syrupy, sexy track for her to sing. A video to promote it, paying homage to sexy entertainment of yore, would maybe give her or it some staying power. Instead of generic, teenage girl dance song after teenage generic dance song, she could mayeb give us one decent ballad. "Crazy for You" still gets airplay, "Borderline" and "Lucky Star" not so much. Even though I know it has been a game all along, the big label marketing and promotion is so slick today with a product that feels like the Diet Coke version of what we once listened to.
I need Pink Floyd's opinion on this immediately.
Today was a caffeine day.

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