Sunday, May 31, 2009

Internet as a form of Self Pleasure

No this is not about porn. This is about the Internet 2.0 or the Me Internet generation. Andy Warhol once said that in the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes. That's an applicable statement to the current Internet society we have and are continuing to create and refine. I have commented on this before, but as I read more social networking face pages, blogs, twitter feeds, the feeling grows stronger. I will say my 7 readers don't do this shit. The Internet has become a big "hey look at me aren't I great" medium. The photos posted are almost always carefully chosen to portray and image, lifestyle, etc. to get praise. Some blogs, which used correctly can give great analysis, insight, etc., just are mediums for someone to pat themselves on the back. These sites have become huge mechanisms for people to get approval from strangers, family and friends in a sanitized, non-personal way to gratify their need for acceptance or acceptance that is lacking elsehwere from natural channels of communication. To friends and family, I have said that some blogs or social networking pages read like a 2d version of someone masturbating to a picture of themself in front of a mirror (sorry I love that idea too much to not use it often). Almost every post or status update is about their awesomeness, something awesome they did/said/thought, or the awesome people they know or meet. You usually get the bad things in life when the originator of the bad thing is someone else. Rarely does someone own up to screwing up (this applies to any form of communication but none better than the Internet since some people go back & delete old bad posts). It's like they are the government of Oceania in 1984, where everything is carefully controlled to create the image of "I'm great" with the belief that "he who controls the present controls the future, and he who controls the past controls the present".

Part of this stems from my ability to see that I have warts, problems, flaws and bad characteristics. It's OK, that's life. The greatest Englishman of all time, Winston Churchill, had plenty of faults. I do not know if this is "snowflake generation" behavior seeping into mainstream society at all ages, but I reject it. Show your warts people, it is OK. Part of the reason this has been on my mind has been in the constant media coverage of what is going on economically without the acceptance that, no things are not going to return to normal anytime soon, and the normal of previous years really should not be considered normal. In the 5 stages of dealing with trauma I still feel we're in the denial stage. A big part of it is this "i'm not going to share my flaws" thought that has seeped into society. Once again, bad things do get shared, but when you can turn yourself into a victim. Let's rip the band aid off & stop whacking off in front of the mirror.

I had some caffeine today.

Man, am I phucked up.

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