Saturday, May 02, 2009

Interesting Report and Ramblings

Interesting report on demographics of our volunteer military members. I had read an article from 2004, which discussed our military and why going to a draft was a bad idea and a scare tactic by the Dems to win in 2004. I support our fighting men and women, and I am glad to see this report dispell some myths that constantly get perpetuated by the mainstream media. I do think it is interesting the way enlistment changed after 9-11. Kind of cool to see it in hard facts, not just opinion disguised as a fact in a news report.

This came to my attention as I had an online comment argument with an anti-semite bigot. I just couldn't help myself since I was sick and had the time to go back and forth this week. The anti-semite bigot mentioned how Jews in the US make up less than 0.25% of the military, but are "all over the government, pulling strings man". I noted that Jews only make up 1% of the population, so what if they are underrepresented by a smidge in the military? It means nothing. This lead to a comment alluding to a banker conspiracy to control the government. I replied that sure the bankers do have their puppet master hands up Obama's ass already but a lot of bankers & bank bondholders are not Jews.

It never ceases to amaze me how people cling to dumb ass theories of Jewish world domination in 2009. If Jews control money and stocks, don't you think they've been royally fucked this past year? If they are all rich, wouldn't they be worried about Obama's redistribution plans? If Jews controlled the world, don't you think they would make the world like them more? This does not make sense. I feel like a broken fucking record, but the anonymous bigotry is a bad downside to the Internet.

This actually fits into a frustration I have had recently with all sorts of people and their conspiracy theories. Usually, I enjoy them and view them as entertaining. Sometimes a well laid out conspiracy theory sounds reasonable. Here's my gripe: when you dress up conspiracy theories as a way to demonize people or a person, and the opposite is correct or turns out to be the case, you need to own up to it. Remember all of the crazy (and not so crazy) people that said Bush would cancel the 2004 election to ensure he'd stay in power? Yeah didn't happen. Remember when they said he'd do it again in 2008 to stay in power? Didn't happen. Power transitioned peacefully as it has each presidential election. Where are the crazies saying "I was wrong, turns out he's not as evil as I thought"? Nowhere. They are off creating new conspiracy theories to demonize new targets. (Cornell alum Keith Olberman, who has a poorly watched show on MSNBC, is just a hair away from these people.)

This is part of the reason I look forward to robots. When we have robots around, we can create new conspiracy theories devoted to robots, not people. If they remain non-sentient, they won't have feelings and it will be easy to demonize them because they will be like a suped up version of your home PC, printer at work, or cell phone. Who has not cursed out one of those items? It doesn't stop the demonization train, but it at least shifts it away from living people and onto hunks of machinery.

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