Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interesting Links

Futurepundit is a site I check daily as he collects a good variety of scientific articles that I incorporate into my diet, lifestyle, and health centric choices. Plus, reading about robots is awesome. His latest link is on text messaging. Teens text on average 80 times a day. I don't blame the kids, I blame the parents. I do blame the kids for wanting to control the means that they interact with someone to the point where they will devolve into a modern telegraph form of communication rather than actual voice communication. If your thumbs hurt, it's your fault.

One of the sister sites that he runs had a link where a study showed that women are generally less happy now than in the 1970s, and less happy relative to men than they were in the 70s. This entire link and supporting research is in my strike zone for thoughts on modern American society (countries like France, England & Germany are much further down this path than the USA). It's as if currency devaluation since the '70s & feminism combined to give women career opportunities but also the expectation of 'earning income' in a household, but did not shed the burdens of being the primary nurturer. Women have it tough. No wonder they are more unhappy now than in the 1970s.

Men on the other hand have plenty of young women who act on their accepted level sexually, internet porn, women don't care if they are not around to raise a kid, want to marry at a later age, do not require them to be the breadwinner, never lose the ability to have kids, have the double standard benefit of staying attractive to the opposite gender as they age, have a pill to fix sex problems, and still do not have that expectation to stay at home with the kids and give up their career (temp or permanently). The stigma for bad behavior is gone or not nearly as lasting as in olden days. No wonder men are happier.

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