Thursday, April 09, 2009

You Regret that Transfer Yet?

Now for a slightly surprising development at USC's spring practices.... mitch mustain supposedly transferred to USC to start at a big time program. I thought this was a stupid move because USC had a succession line set up, and he did not fit. Other schools offered the chance to start right away. In 2008, he lost out to mark sanchez, rightfully so, for the starting job and this year has his open ticket to prime time exposure at a pro style offense stacked with weapons at all skill positions and an o-line bringing nearly everyone back. That is the dirty secret to Carroll's angry demeanor at Sanchez's draft press conference. With Sanchez back, Carroll knew he had a stacked, unstoppable offense. Mustain is the most heralded QB prospect on campus that is over age 18, and one would expect him to lead the pack for the starting job.

Mustain is failing. Early press reports tell that aaron corp is the lead to start next year. Supposedly, he's more mobile than mustain and has a better grasp of the offense. This blows my mind as corp and mustain entered USC the same year, and Corp is a year younger and was playing in high school when Mustain started with success at Arkansas. Mustain chose the wrong school to transfer to because of sanchez in front of him, and now he's not going to start when every offensive weapon is coming back and his only competition is an underclassman not nearly as hyped as mustain was out of HS (the true frosh stud recruit, Barkley, will be redshirted). Mustain might as well transfer now to a D-1aa school to get his chance to start.

Why the h3ll didnt he transfer to tennessee or auburn? Schools that needed and still need a QB are Rutgers, Michigan, FSU, Miami, Tenn, Auburn, and Alabama. Think he regrets this move now? Unless he can wrestle the starting job away from Corp now, his only chance to start is if Corp gets injured. See it's lined up so that Corp can start for 2, maybe 3 years, and then hand the reins over to Barkley. If you look at their QB recruiting habits, they seem to set it up so a QB can learn for 2-3 years and then start for 2 seasons. Look at the line starting with Palmer, Leinart, JD Booty, Sanchez (had he stayed for senior year), and then Corp would have been set for 2 starting seasons. Look at their QB recruiting in between those guys, no big signings. I wrote an analysis of Mustain's decision in an email to friends (I will find this and post it). I skewered his decision, and thought he was arrogant and stupid to not see that another SEC program with an immediate opening would serve him well. Mustain was the #2 ranked QB prospect his senior year of HS behind Matt Stafford who will be a 1st round pick in a month. Three years on, Mustain is fighting to start and salvage a chance at an NFL career.

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