Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Week in Florida

- It's tough enjoying mid 80s temps all week and few clouds, really tough.

- To think that Maine, Indiana and Florida are all part of the same country when you look at their respective landscapes is really interesting. Because of America's geographic size, along both a north-south and east-west axis, we have a diverse mix of what home looks like. I love that about America. Few countries enjoy that same geographic diversity.

- I used spf 15 and 30 while on my trip and still got a tan from only laying by the pool 3 days. It is just nice being on vacation and doing nothing. The human brain needs an unwinding or a resetting.

- Disney is constantly improving and changing things. They serve beer and wine now!!!!! The night show at Hollywood Studios was excellent and made creative use of dancing water. The light parade is more colorful and creative with its use of lights. The Haunted Mansion makes use of projections and holograms more than before and removed some "old", still puppet stuff. They are also very smart at using a new technology to enhance a ride or create a new park experience. Their work with 3D attractions is very very effective. They immerse a person in the experience, which to a 5 year old, must be intense.

- Disney added some rides that have balls. This started 10+ years back with Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror. There are additional coasters, with one that goes over 60 mph and another that goes twisty and upside down like real coasters elsewhere. One of the most impressive rides I have ever done is their Mission Space ride. It simulates G forces and weightlessness on a trip to Mars with a simulator screen in front of you as if you were a flight crew of 4 strapped in for the long trip.

- The lines were the shortest I have seen them in 20 years of going to Disney. The recession is 'for reals' even at the happiest place on Earth. Some big attractions I walked right into with no wait (tower of terror and mission space). They have lost marginal customers that everyone else has lost in the last year. They are not immune.

- Like anywhere else... big people all around. Fat people at Disney. Porkers by the pool. A frustrating thing was seeing the chubbahs in people movers. I saw disabled or old people walking and if they can walk, then the tubbahs should be walking with two good legs. My mom noticed the number of newlyweds that were both tubbahs that wore 'honeymoon' buttons while at Disney. She wonders if this is a fat person subculture thing. Sometime in the near future, someone is going to write an amazing book about the rise of obesity in America (the rest of the developed world is following us), how it continued to rise in the face of the negative social stigma of 'being fat', and then the eventual correction.

-Cell phones are awesome when they help you find people at a park. You can split up easier. I wish they had cheap cell phones in the mid-1980s when I first went on family vacations. Texting makes it easier as you can type "splash mountain in line now meet us".

- Housing in Florida is truly atrocious and cannot be encapsulated by a CaseShiller -40% year over year change graph data point. If someone saved their money and stayed out of the bubble, there are HUGE bargains to be had, and potential rental property fortunes to be made. I went through classifieds, and I was amazed how many homes over 2K sq ft with nice features and in nice suburbs were to be had for under 150K. It makes me wonder how much of the neighborhood is for sale though, so I may just be uninformed.

- I do need time away from my family even when on a vacation with them.

- My mom was a way better mom to me and my sis at age 11 than my sister is to my niece. It's like my sister went 5 steps crazier in the last year. She needs to relax a bit, more like a lot.

- I wish I could have exchanged my t-shirt one day with one of those Brazilian marching band student shirts I saw at Disney on this flock of 50+ teens. Their shirts looked awesome and unique for the USA.

- I kept doing the Mickey and Goofy laughs while at Disney. I do impersonations well and unleashed my Mickey voice and laugh non-stop at the parks. It's one of the few places in the world I could do that and not be mocked.

- Kid movie bad guys spend more time doing the bwahaha laugh than they do actually battling the good guy. Maybe they should change that, and they'd finish a movie on the winning side.

- I love to observe human behavior and people watch. It's part of why I love Vegas, Disney, and other zones that bring a ton of strange and different people together at once. People love to bitch and moan. I overheard so many different small conversations between sets of friends, parents, siblings, parent-child couplings, etc. that the emerging theme in all of theme was to whine about something... at a theme park that offers thrills unlike any other theme park in the world. Lines were short. The weather was perfect. Could people go an hour w/o bitching about something? Nope. Not possible. People love to bitch. The culture of victimization and woe is me droopy dog behavior is everywhere and permeates all people young and old. Everyone has a sob story, everyone loves conflict (it's a win-win because when you lose or do something because events were out of their control and pressed upon them. I reject it and reject them. Quit-cha bitching. If you're at the happiest place on earth as a whole family unit, enjoying the sites, laughing and having a good time, that is not the time to bitch about something unrelated to the visit. While standing in line for a show, you don't bitch about something small going on in your home 500+ miles away.

This thought sprouted on the first day in Florida when we went to Hollywood Studios. I was split from my family as I wanted to do the Tower of Terror and others wanted to see shows. I went by myself and rocked it out, then met up with some of my party at the American idol experience. I was outside the AI entrance making phone calls to see where people were. So I waited for a call back, and listened to a mom whine to her kids (more the older child, as the 5+/- year old was flopping around) about how long their dad was gone as he went to get those mickey chocolate covered ice cream bars. This is useless whining that is standard operating procedure for many as few folks can have a conversation w/o bringing up some pain. Let's consider how insane this was: 1. Dad is around. Have you seen single mother rates in the US?, 2. Dad paid partially or fully for the trip if he works, 3. Dad went off so you could sit on a bench in the shade, 4. Dad is buying ice cream! I was pretty close to asking her why she was whining about him taking a long time. To make herself look better? Instinct to whine-complain? Really complaining about something else about him but using that as cover? Being totally self centered and not engaging your kids with a question about what they enjoyed best so far or looked forward to? You know what would deserve bitching? If their Dad ran out on the family for his Yoga instructor. Luckily, I got a call & pulled away from eavesdropping. Life is too short for all of the bitching. Get on with it.

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Bailey said...

Alright I need to tell you about this game my parents and I play when we go to Disney. It's called: Count the Fat People on Motor Scooters Game. Pretty self explanatory.

We got into the 200's the last time we went to disney.