Monday, April 06, 2009

Tanning Salon People

Call a tanning salon and try to find someone who doesn't have that Hooters waitress voice or a straight man. Try it. Not going to happen. It's hard to take people seriously when they sound like a stock character out of a bad Vh1 reality show. What's worse is that they try to dress up how you pay with psychotic systems that work for people who do not like math. Regardless of gender, they do have that weird, leather, off color, unnatural look. Maybe you look around and wonder what the hell is going on with people there?

Whenever I discuss tanning salons, I always think back to a girl I dated in the summer between soph-junior year. We worked at the same white collar job, but she also worked nights at a tanning salon. Keep in mind, we lived 5 miles from the ocean. At the start of the summer, everything was great as she had a nice golden tan. She got a bit more of a bronze, caramel look, and then all hell broke loose. By the end of the summer and relationship, she was looking more like leather, and had some of those odd sun spots pop up... at age 20. She'd jump in for 5 minutes at the end of a night shift when I would pick her up. I never understood this. With the distance of time, I think this happens with a lot of tanning salon workers. They have easy (and usually free) access and overdo it.
As we head deeper into this recession, I have to wonder what will happen to so many of those strip mall nail and tanning salons? Will they file for bankruptcy? Will they sell off equipment to stay in business as cutomers drop off? Has business dropped off? I just see these places going belly up and quickly. Tanning is not a need but a want... and part of the extremely discretionary spending sector.
Note: How disgusting is that chick with the overtan? She looks like a burn victim, and her fake boobs are hanging really tight in her skin. That scares me. She's like a Banshee.

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"AG" said...

I love that you call them "Tanning Salon People." I do the same. My old landlord was one and she had that voice.