Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random U2 Thought

U2 has an unbelievable collection of hits and lesser known songs that are brilliant bits of muscial genius. The line "uno, dos, tres, catorce" is not one of them. Their album "All that you can't leave behind" was the soundtrack to my fall semester junior year as my roommate was in love with it, and there's not a bad song on the record. U2 has stretched from making fun of the commercialism of the music industry all the way to weird music I can only describe as sounding like it was played in a German gay disco. They sound great live, and 20 odd years on, still can make a good pop rock song.

What line is quoted most often in my house from U2's catalog? "Le-monnnnn" in that weird Bono falsetto. My wife and I just sing-shout Lemon randomly. We cannot see, smell or taste a lemon without saying it at least 5 times. Besides this one line, we don't ever discuss the song or quote any other lines. It's strange. The next common U2 quote or line sung at the house is anything from "One". Of all the wonderful songs U2 bestowed upon us the common folk, we just can't get enough of "Lemon".

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