Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jay Cutler Traded to Bears: Awesomeness comes to Chi-town

My dad nearly died the day they announced it. Jay Cutler traded to Chicago for Kyle Orton and 2 firsts. I shit you not, he was hospitalized, and it was probably due to the Bears finally having a good QB. This is an outstanding trade for both sides, and it is a rarity to see a franchise QB traded even before his prime at 25.

For Denver, they jettison an awesome QB... wait where does this benefit them. Oh yeah, they get a serviceable QB in Orton, who maybe McD-bag can coach up, and they get two 1st round draft picks. They can rebuild that defense. The Bears get a QB finally. Cutler is the real deal and 25, so they have a decade of him if he stays healthy. They just need to shore up the defense, and with Cutler-Forte-Olson, they have a nice trio of skill players on the offensive side of the ball. If the defense can get some pressure on the QB, they can get hold teams at bay, and now they have a QB who can run a 2 minute drill. In the weak NFC North, this trade gives them the best QB and the only one I would trust in a playoff atmosphere. I guess Minnesota is fine with Sage and Tarvaris.

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