Thursday, April 02, 2009

False Prophets

This site, Wrongtomorrow, could become my favorite tracking site. A fellow has managed to find a way to track when people spout off predictions as coming true or not. With the internet age of blogging and easy posting, many d-bags have shouted and scared people with useless prediction after useless prediction that falls flat on its face (James Howard Kunstler comes to mind) usually to serve a purpose of speaking fees, books, or tv appearances. I do also think people have to be given credit when they do call something right. I just am tired of the non-stop fearmongering by folks trying to make a buck off of impressionable people.

I do want to rant on Twitter or twittering or tweeting. This has got to be the lamest and most self centered thing the Internets has produced. Do I care if someone sends a 1-2 sentence update of what the hell they are doing? No. Why the hell does anyone follow this shit? Do we have to live vicariously through everyone else instead of living our lives to the fullest? Wake the phuck up people. Consider this: people get updates in one short bites on what someone else is doing. Are we so phucking ADD that we cannot read through a full blog entry? Do we now need people to just let us know that "i'm taking a crap" and other useless bits of trivia. Christ I hate the world of people.

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Kenny and Bob said...

We will be home. Don't worry