Sunday, March 08, 2009

So Everyone Feeling Some Buyer's Remorse Now...

Well the Brits are upset, the "One" is tired, and we're going to keep doing a bunch of things W did, but also reach out to the Taliban. This is like a 3rd term for W, but we have a bunch of rookies running around doing business. The pwesident needs his sweep, because it's tiring him out. He could also use a meal. Isn't this why Hillary said she'd be ready day 1? Isn't this why McCain said he'd be ready as the commander in chief? No, we need a president who feels for us, who understands our plight. Some jobs can allow for on the job training. Some do not. President of the Unites States of America is not one of them.

Think about the hypocrisy in the NY Times article. Obama always dissed on Bush's surge gamble and never gave it credit for working and being a good decision. Now he is doing the exact same surge idea in Afganistan. In the second page of the NY Times article he doesn't even give credit to Bush for a change in the Bush admin's policy on handling captured terrorists, instead praises the admin figures. So why did you keep holding one man (W) responsible for all the ills of the last 8 years, many of which you are continuing, so are they not ills anymore? That makes no sense. So the torture or harsh treatment is because of one man, but correcting it is not? You can't pick and choose when to do that Barry.

I love foreign policy and international affairs. I look at it from multiple viewpoints, and even on this blog I have commented on China's best weapon vs. the US could be their stockpile of US financial assets. It pains me to think we have a president who would not show the utmost respect to an ally who has sent fighting troops to join us in overseas adventures. What's next? We dis the Australians when they visit after they sent guys in every major US conflict to help us, including Vietnam.

I love the dig at blogs at the end, despite blogs and the internet roots of the Dem party's effectiveness is launching his campaign, so he can buddy up with the NY Times? It's a big scary world, and it's a tough job, St. Barry, man the phuck up. President Obama, it's only been 45 days, but I'm starting to think you're just good at using pretty phrases.

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