Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"He's my Third Favorite Black President"

We've had soem good black presidents in the past, and no I don't include Bill Clinton who Toni Morrison once called America's first black president. I am talking about the great black presidents of Hollywood fictional universes. These guys, along with Tiger Woods rocking the PGA tour, set the stage for Obama, and he should send them a greata gift. Knowing his gift giving abilities, I don't think he's sendign them anything more than a Furby.

1. President Palmer in 24 - This president made critical decisions and had to trust the right people, amazingly he did this often and usually int he 40th minute of an hour long sequence. He stuck to his principles, and managed to make some good decisions when it came to situations. His wife was a problem. For some reason, Fox wrote his brother in as president after killing off President Palmer, which is a joke and he was really really lame. Like the Diet Coke President Palmer. This president also gave pretty speeches and had a good speaking voice. It's why he does All State ads now.

2. President Beck in Deep Impact - This president learns of a catastrophe, creates a two pronged plan of attack to survive by 1. training a crew of astronauts to fly out and destroy the comet or alter its path and if they fail, 2. constructing an underground shelter to keep a 1 million people alive. He manages to keep this a secret for quite a while. This is effective leadership. He even gives pretty speeches in the movie. Side note: Deep Impact would make a greta porn title.

3. President Obama - He reads off a teleprompter really well. He likes to give interviews for the media. He's really smart, whatever that means for this office. He promised change, but there's no change so far. He's having a problem appointing senior people in his admin which is one of the most important jobs for the POTUS. He's a big fan fo saying what an audicen wants to hear even fi he contradicts himself right after it. His initials are "BO", wait that's not a positive. We're only 60 days in, and I am shaking my head.


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