Monday, March 16, 2009

Fighting for Women's Rights, Even the Small Rights

Have politicians become so useless they look to enact legislation to eliminate the right for women to get Brazilian waxes? NJ is facing a huge budget shortfall. Some would say NJ is insolvent in the current form. Despite all of this, a legislator has the chutzpah to go after passing laws on types of body waxing an adult human can pay another trained professional to do.

If ever a state needed freedom for hair removal, NJ is that state. Do people realize how many hairy women prowl the beaches of Jersey? Has anyone gone to an all nude strip club? Brazilian waxes serve a purpose. This is ridiculous. Adults do get some irritation right after waxing, but that is their choice just like listening to Amy Grant. When I shave my face, I get sore and irritated skin. Because there are others like me with sensitive skin, can we outlaw face shaving? No, that would be stupid and limit a person's freedom. You know what's an earth shifting government move: good public water. You know what isn't: outlawing Brazilian waxes. You're just a dumb state senator from Jersey. Knock it off.
This is a small and stupid example of the government trying to get into your life and tell people, yes NJ citizens are people, what to do and how to live. A reason why I bring this up is that we give up small freedoms because other people that were elected, sometimes against our votes, decide it is not healthy or "good" for us. This is a reason behidn the moral reason for the prohibition against drugs. No, you the adult cannot get high with marijuana or cocaine, go back to drinking and taking your doctor prescribed Zoloft. Even somethinng as dumb as waxing your private parts should be a freedom that people can do of their free will.

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Sherry Butler said...

Great blog 28 Sherman! The Board of Cosmetology met on 3/10 with new position paper provided by The New Jersey Association of Salon and Spa professionals (ASSP) and after review, still votes “no” on the issue of legalizing brazilian waxing!

Feuza Reis, Business Development Manager of Jaira’s Salons, South Amboy and South River, took action knowing the Board of Cosmetology was going to meet in March of 2009.
She contacted the Chair of the Association of Salon and Spa Professionals to discuss the issue and the outcome was a position paper that was sent to the Board of Cosmetology to educate them on the issue and the socio-economic effects for their closed meeting on 3/10. The outcome was NO – they voted to uphold the current rules and regulations.

After the decision, Feuza Reis, again contacted the ASSP and got the form letter created go to and download, sign and mail or fax to Attorney General’s Office.

Spa and Salon owners are losing millions of dollars in revenue, the State of New Jersey is losing revenue and women are losing their rights to chose a salon service that you can get in any other state across the country!

Please help us get the word out!