Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cutler-McDaniels Fiasco

Supposedly, the broncos leaked a line to the fox news channel in denver that they are worried about cutler's drinking, which was then quickly denied. this was placed on the website (type cutler drinking for the cover up coverage) and then erased. some people are calling shenanigans as cutler is diabetic and said that's a low blow by mcdbag and co to a guy who effectively managed his diabetes to 4K passing yards. the mcdbag regime is making me sick and if this were a non-belicheck disciple he'd be torn apart by everyone. i really want the lions to pull off some kind of trade for cutler and watch the broncos go down in flams so shanny and cutler can have a good laugh. What sickens me is the defense of mcdbag by the media. Some guys are backing cutler, but it is shocking how many "analysts" and talking heads are defendig mcdbag and not questioning trading a 25 year old franchise QB.

This is what blows my mind about belicheck disciples: they all have a huge attitude without a winning history to back them up. they are trading on belicheck's name and copping an attitude with everyone else. Pioli gets a pass since he built the team with belicheck. Weis has had an enormous ego at ND yet has not won anything of any importance. The hawaii bowl???? we now know that was a ploy to get the stud LB recruit of this year's class who is from hawaii. Weis has spent more time whining to the press about unfair treatment and BCS rankings than post game victory press conferences. Mangina got chased out of NY but had a horrible attitude towards anyone and everyone. people didnt like playing for him. mcdbag is starting off by trying to trade the best QB under 30 in the NFL for matt frickin cassel. Cromeo didn't talk much. He actually wasn't a d*ck. he just lost a lot except for one magical year with derek anderson.

Despite all of this, the media laps it up because these guys are packaged as mini-belichecks. They got that hard nosed education under his wing. Sure worked for Weis. Sure worked for the Magina. Mangina's team folded like origame in weeks 12-17 last year, which is a very unbelicheckian (trademarked) thing to do. Teams are not getting the genius. They are getting his students. McDbag is the most suspect as this guy because 1. ran a decent offense until randy moss and wes welker showed up. and 2. drew up one of the worst and most arrogant gameplans of all time when he played the NY Giants in SB 42. It's got to be tough designing an offense that has a future HOF QB, the 2nd best WR of all time and pro bowlers along the offensive line plus a license to run up the score in order to pad stats. Who should the media be showering with attention and puff pieces in his new job: the coach who blew the chance at 19-0 because he got cocky and waited until the last drive to adapt or the guy who made the best SB defensive gameplan ev-ah and upset the greatest offense ev-ah? (new england accent required)

Each year that passes where the Pats keep winning 10-11 games with or without brady and the more his minions fail in new places, the more I respect Belicheck. Has anyone considered that he is a guy who would succeed in any endeavor beause of his innate abilities and intelligence? Has anyone considered it is just him, and what he has cannot be bottled, sold or passed onto minions? It is said that Socrates wasa genius and each step that was further down the line from him was a watered down wine from Plato to Aristotle to Alexander. No one could capture his methods and genius in his unique way. That is a bit of hyperbole, but what in sportswriting is not nowadays? the only upside to this whole mcdbag-cutler drama is that there might be a desperate team that is willing to trade for cutler and rejuvenate their franchise. could number 6 be suiting up for the vikings, the Niners, the Bears? who knows, but mcdbag will probably trade him straight up for a box of footballs.

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