Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama: Vote and You Shall be Saved

Vote for me, yes vote for Messiah v 2.0. You know I am the one true God, I mean, candidate. Bask in the glory that is my transcendant aura while I search around to find out anything I have done at all in the history of my working life that would warrant being elected the most powerful person in the free world. Wait... I am looking for it... c'mon there's got to be one thing. For Christ sake I wrote two books about myself, there should be something. Look, I'll get back to that, but let me talk about what will happen if I am elected.

In late January of 2009, the skies will open up and rain chocolate and gum drops on the people, war and famine will disappear, money will grow overnight in your mattress, and you will touch my robes and be healed. Look, this will happen because I say so, and a compliant mainstream media will dutifully go along with it. Come with me and your white guilt will be washed away. Look at my photo, I am only missing a halo. If I recall, Rolling Stone had it cropped out of the photo.

Everything will turn to gold, and if you argue or point out anything about me that is negative and true, off to the gallows or off with your head. If you support me and then become politically expendable, I will throw you under the bus... just ask my pastor & father figure, my underlings that I fire after mis-statements and my own gramma. I am so smart that I will not release my grades from college out of fear of what is on there that might puncture the one constant thing I keep waving as a reason to vote for me: that I'm smart. You think I even care about my wife? Look, I masturbate to photos of myself while standing in front of a mirror, preferably full length so I can bask in the glow that is my magnificence.

Winona Ryder

Warning: My second sexist piece coming, I think it's my mood today.

Did we ever find out if Winona Ryder's breasts were real? I'd vote no, but she is Jewish and from my experiences at Cornell, never underestimate the power of a Jewish woman to have curves no matter how small she is. I will tip my hat to her for pulling off the short hair look. That's a tough look for many women, yet she wears it well. Even the very short hair look like in Reality Bites**. Few women pull it off well, in Hollywood: Winona, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cynthia Daniel.
There was a period of several years where every nerd loved Winona Ryder. I think it was because she did all of those Indie flicks or small budget movies. Edward Scissorhands might be the movie that sold nerds on her being cool, and then nerds saw her in Reality Bites and flipped their lids. Maybe her roles blinded nerds into thinking she dug nerdy things. There's always this nerd fantasy that they will find a hot chick who will want to discuss "orcs vs. golbins from lord of the rings", "who would win a fight: Dilbert or Drew Carey" or the "politics of the post-Battle of Endor Star Wars galaxy". It's not going to happen. I'll probably write about this later, but this is a sub-category of the men who fantasize about capturing a woman and holding her at their place for months to then form a love bond with her (weird, I know). She is an actress, a Hollywood product, and an Adam Sandler costar. I have a feeling she would not be into nerd conversations. I think her conversations are full of "yeah", "totally", "like" and "ummm". I also think she is or was a 3 girl: 3 drinks or 3 compliments and you would be fine. I would not have dated her in college because she was not evil enough.
**One time I broke up with this girl, and I told her she was straight out of Reality Bites. Like 2 days later I was hanging out with a mutual friend, explaining the breakup, and the mutual friend called my ex. My ex had Reality Bites on DVD during the call. Yeah, no mental issues there that I could say she was out of a movie and then she'd go watch the movie to investigate my observation out of insecurity.

Nice Mugshot Heather Locklear

Despite the drug abuse and bad hair, Heather Locklear looks good in this mugshot. I'd rank it just ahead of Lohan's November 07 mugshot, miles ahead of Tawny Kitaen, and lightyears ahead of Yasmine Bleeth's.

I'd definitely smile in my mugshot. Just a cheeky smile, maybe not expose any teeth, but just enough that I show my dimples. No one is going to convict me with that smile? At least my Gramma said so.

Wow That's a Big Drop

Fuck the Pope with a fire iron, look at this. Is this Wall St. playing the baby "wahhhhh, i want my bailout, wahhh" or is it really a reflection of economic uncertainty in the credit markets? I'm going to go with a lot on uncertainty and a little on wahhh, I want my bailout. A lot is wrong in the financial markets. A lot of this is beyond the comprehension of everyone involved. All of this is the fault of everyone out there involved in the housing and easy credit system of the last 10 years. Everyone has some of the blame so let's not even bother to point fingers right now. Sadly, we'd be pointing the finger in the mirror if we were honest about this.

I'm shocked that the bill did not pass since the Dems have a majority in the house. They didn't need any GOp support,yet they did get 60+ GOP congressmen to vote with them. They lost 90+ Dems in the vote. How did Pelosi not have control over her minions? I hope this sends the message that they need to get back to the drawing board and draft something up with more taxpayer protection that has some stops in place so that if this goes bad it limits how much of a hit we take.

Everybody has to take a beating.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Everyone Has to Take a Beating

There is a quote at the beginning of Goodfellas where Henry Hill is talking about why he accepted his father's abuse, and it perfectly describes our banking system right now:

"Every once in awhile, I'd have to take a beating, but by then I didn't care. The way I saw it, everybody takes a beating sometimes."

The nation collectively has to take a beating right now. Some of us who saved when the banks were paying 1% on CDs, didn't buy into the housing bubble, paid our bills on time, earned enough money to pay taxes unlike 33% of the nation might be a little pissed right now after 7 years of the dollar losing value, inflation, and now a weird transfer of wealth that will have our mortgage and debt payments go to new debt holder-overlords all on the backs of taxpayer money that might take a loss. We've been doing what's "right", but we have to take a beating because it's only "fair".

Yes, you read that right 33% of American have no tax liability. None. So the next time someone says the Bush tax cuts helped only the rich, tell them that since Bush took office the number of slackers not paying any taxes went from 25% of the nation to 33%. Either candidate today will push it to over 40%. I won't be one of them. Is this "fair" Obama? Is it fair for nearly half of the nation to pay nothing in taxes? I'm not rich, so why do I pay and nearly half of America does not? Why do we have stimulus rebate checks that go to people who didn't pay any taxes at all last year? What is that a rebate of? How do you rebate nothing?

My prediction will be for an Obama victory in November, with a pretty long recession in 2009 and into 2010. Then it is a race to see how fast we can have a recovery in time for the 2012 election. If the economy can truly recover, Obama can win reelection provided he doesn't fuck up by trying to install nationalized health care. If not, well toodaloo Obama. As my friend who works in Washington and writes here agrees, the GOP will put Romney on their ticket as the "businessman" to fix our economic problems... even if he is a slimeball.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mary Louise Parker Naked.... What?!?!??!?!

Mary Louise Parker, recently awarded soem recognition from yours truly, has stripped naked for her show on TV that has slipped in quality. Really sad when a premium cable show of good quality suddenly starts to go downhill so they start abusing the premium cable loophole of showing nudity. Entourage does not count, as that show never was good and it always showed boobs. Entourage only had Jeremy Piven going for it. When Kevin Dillon is the second best actor, and actually entertaining, you have a problem. That show was set up for a perfect dramatic story arc from start to finish, but they fucked up and marketed it as a comedy. Throwing boobs into each episode does not make you funny nor a comedy. It makes you soft core porn for 10 year olds to stay up to watch because their parents lock them off the computer. Thank you Mary Louise Parker, but just end the series, for everyone.

Negative Selection

To wrap up the wildest week I have seen in the business world, Carl Icahn was on television stating that many CEOs are the product of negative selection or more appropriate here. As he said, people with ambition and ability make waves, and no manager likes that so they get fired, passed over, or set off to the side. This happens in many governments (especially crony dictatorships and oligarchies). Sadly, as many managers and vice presidents of companies view their goal in corporate america as building and preserving their empire, they start making decisions along these negative seletion lines.

Everyone has seen it. There is the person who should get the job, but there is the person who does get the job because they are a kiss ass, not as qualified and not a threat to the person who made the hiring decision. This disgusts me because I believe in a business organization based on a meritocracy. If ever put in a position of power over promotions, assignments and hiring, I promise myself to stay true to this principle. The day that I do not follow it, is the day I slap myself in the face and wake up from whatever bitchiness I may have slipped into.

Self preservation and greed are two features of human nature that are really tough to overcome. Self Preservation has been hard wired into us since the days of the caves. A coworker of mine was saying how we are all greedy (moneywise), and I said "ehhhhhh, I'll disagree". I believe people will take a quick, easy buck, and that lottery attitude has spread throughout the nation (see the explosive growth of poker/casinos). Greedy, in an evil intent, is something taught or unlocked inside of you. I'll use a family member as an example. I have a cousin who was an asshole in the 80s with baseball cards. He never met a younger kid he didn't swindle out of a good card or a sweettalk into a bad trade. Where'd he learn it from? His dad. Twenty years later, he's stuck in a home he bought at the peak thinking he could buy the crappy dump of a house off of an old widow, turn it around and flip it in time for a nice profit. Didn't happen. Is he greedy? Yes. Is his sister? No.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tarvaris Jackson: Whenever I watch This Jackass Play QB....

Whenever I see this idiot play QB, I think had my shoulder held up, I could have played in the NFL. He's my height, we've got the same good deep throw, and even though he has 50 lbs and more footspeed than I, his decision making abilities (as well as intelligence) are much worse than mine. I know in reality, I never ever could have made it, but you get my point. This guy is awful and never should have started in the league. The Vikings are wasting a good defense and great run game (Thank you Purple Jesus!) with him and Gus Frerotte at the helm. How Tarvaris Jackson was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft boggles my mind. He went to a division 1-AA school. The last guy drafted at QB from a D 1-AA school to start in the NFL was in 1992. I know he has worked hard to improve, but he just does not cut it. The Vikings should have traded for McNabb or Derek Anderson. They'd be Super Bowl bound. Enough said.
On second thought, as far as footspeed, his NFL combine 4.65 40 yard dash was at age 23 after lots of training. I ran a 4.9 on a basketball court in winter track at age 18. Maybe we aren't that different. Hahahahahahahaha.

Just Mindblowing

Look at the 3 month US treasury bond yield. This is no yield. This is just "let me put my money somewhere that I can confirm its existence tomorrow". This is amazing to watch unfold, and I am so happy I sold out of my S&P fund last fall. I will re-enter the S&P again through the Vanguard 500 index fund or the entire US market through the Total stock market index fund after some more dropitude.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weird List for a Country that Loves List

I saw this list on Slate's website and chuckled. In an aging world that appears to be slowly turning into a giant nursing home, it makes sense to create an arbitrary list of the most influential people over 80. Interesting that they would put a Supreme Court Justice at the top of the list. After all, he might have the deciding vote in a handful of cases that affect Americans. If something huge got to the Supreme Court and was split down the middle 4-4 and he decided the outcome, I could see this, but this feels like a MSM attempt to play up how important the Supreme Court is, "see, this is what matters to you peons".

I find it very interesting that Jimmy Carter who likes to talk to Hamas is #19 on the list, whereas George H.W. Bush, who has the current president's ear the last 8 years, is ranked #72. Dumb. Billy Graham seems a tad low since the dude is 89 and still has huge television specials and reaches millions. I can see T. Boone Pickens at #3, and I think spending money to promote the cool Pickens Plan on national TV out of his own pocket is an amazing sign of influence. John Bennet Fenn, Alfred E. Mann, Robert Morgenthau, and Oliver Smithies could stand to be ahead of some of the other d-bags from Hollywood listed. I find it curious the amount of Hollywood actors, directors, etc. that are on the List. Here's what the bio should read for these people....

Liz Smith: The old windbag that was on E! before E! went all reality TV. Should you really concern yourself with the dumbass social scene 'reporting she does? Hell, just go ask Dominick Dunne for the scoop.

Joe Paterno: Old coach of Penn State football who just discovered MASH. This guy influences how drunk Pennsylvanians get on Saturdays in the fall.

Stan Lee: Because of this guy, you have to suffer through really bad adaptations of his comic book creations. Break his right hand if you meet him to rpevent further pain.

Mary Higgins Clark: You can now read on the beach because of this dame.

Tony Bennett: Thankfully, he outlived his contemporaries and therefore, people liked him again. He likes things that are great, great things are fantastic.

Paul Newman: Au-sum. One tough mutherfucker. The oldest man most women would still have sex with.

Mel Brooks: A guy who peaked in 1974 and does not know how to finish a movie or end a third act. He whores out his classics for more paychecks, which he then re-releases as movies (The Producers). Somehow landed Anne Bancroft. Should be shot to prevent us from seeing "Space Balls: The Musical".

Maya Angelou: Tired of being confused with Toni Morrison if only because it makes her feel horrible since Morrison is a far superior writer. She also was not the woman on "touched by an angel" so knock it off.

Hal Holbrook: Up until he really showed his age, this was the guy that was cast as every single smooth Southern gentleman. Awesome head of hair.

John McLaughlin: He's been one of the most entertaining political commentators for years and is incredibly easy to imitate. "Wrrrrrong!" Sadly, one of the few guys in the last 30 years who has had a balanced show with libs and conservatives.

Pinetop Perkins: Your guess is as good as mine.

Cloris Leachman: Held up well and always plays that zany old Aunt character on tv shows.

James Lipton: Wait, this dude is 81. Hold the phones. I don't know how interviewing people in the most pretentious manner possible places you on any list besides "Hollywood"s Biggest D-bags".

Bob Barker: Hated by animals everywhere.

Carl Reiner: "Hi do you need an old Jewish uncle or grampa on your show? Call me". In older films and shows, I like this guy's work. Then he just settled into the old Jewish guy role. Judd Hirsch has been rumored to have tried to kill him for more gigs (joking, I don't need a libel charge).

Andrew Wyeth: Fuck you for Christina's World. That painting nearly killed me my 8th grade year.


Helen Gurley Brown: This woman is responsible for that time your girlfriend puts her finger in your ass while performing oral on you without warning. Not cool.

Sen. Obama Please Stick to the Issues, That's How You Will Win

Ok so this ad mentions one issue item and really pokes fun at McCain being old. No fear there at making fun of old people because they never vote. Wait a second, they do vote, and is massive hordes, and I bet they already have some issues with pulling the lever for a black man. Sorry grandparents, you guys do. This doesn't help.

The major problem with the ad is that it has blowback that hurts the Messiah v. 2.0 and helps McCain. It calls to attention McCain's war injuries at the hands of his Vietnamese torturers. He has stated typing at a keyboard hurts his hands because of war injuries so he dictates all his emails. This will look like a petty joke in poor taste, which he's been doing recently (see lipstick and pig). God forbid someone come back froma war zone and not be able to perform small things like emailing because they sacrificed for our sweet freedom. For such a 'smart guy' you have no common sense.

Look, Sen. Obama. I know you're new to this campaigning outside of corrupt Illinois political machine area, but you should elaborate on your policy ideas instead of being vague, point out what you want to do to help this banking/housing crisis since this administration is going to hand it off to the next Prez, and how you will be tough on bad guys in foreign policy. Stick to the issues and you win. If you have to take "shots" at McCain/Palin, hammer away at how conservative they are. Stick to them being conservative and you win.

Gosh, they truly should have nominated Hillary.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Other Shoe Never Dropped

My entire year, my friends and I held our breath. We kept waiting for it. We knew it would happen at Ramadan, then New Year's Eve, then the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. It did not come. "Well, they are being patient, taking the long view and planning something big". That was my thought for the first couple years. Then they arrested these guys in their sleep, in huts, in random slums in Pakistan and performed undercover ops to bust people trying to supply the bad guys. Then a couple years became a few, then five, and now seven years have passed. I have not agreed with everything that has gone down, but that rarely happens in anything. Today I say "Thank you" to the men and women of our Armed Forces, FBI, CIA, and yes, the dynamic & hard-ass duo of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. They have a few more months, and then they hand off the reins to someone new, having (so far) held up their end of the bargain when they said "not on our watch".

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poseur of the Month: Lenny Kravitz

It took a while to find someone who irked me so much that I had to post about them being a goddamn poseur. Once I accepted it, I found I had this disgust for Lenny Kravitz that I had been repressing for years. Wait, I love this guy's music. It's incredibly grooving, timeless and always has a good beat. I even like his depressing stuff like the entire album dedicated to his mother's death. He even got down with Lisa Bonet, and they gave the planet a hot daughter. What is wrong with this guy and what did he do to push me over the edge? He is headlining this gawd awful advertising campaign for the 'new love revolution' ads for Kohl's.

This sent me on a google search for Lenny Kravitz ads on "the Google". This man has amazing talent, and it is obvious he can write music, sing and play instruments well. Why is he selling out to everyone under the sun? Money? The guy was born to a music industry man and an actress that anyone who grew up in the late 70s and early 80s knows. Nissan used his big comeback hit "Fly Away" within a year of Fly Away being released as a single for an SUV advert. Tommy Hilfiger, Absolut, Gap, Kohl's, and Levi's jeans have all used his stuff. All the while, this cocksucker writes music about love and peace for 20 fricking years. That's a great theme, and love might be the greatest feeling of all time, but can you progress a little and write a different tune? Stop writing about peace & love and railing against corporations while simultaneously taking millions in by whoring yourself out.

You are a product. You are no longer a musician. You are the output of a system wonderfully described in "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" by the immortal band, Pink Floyd. Stop pretending, and admit what you are: a marionette that they put costumes on and use to sell non-durable goods.

Monday, September 08, 2008

What if no one notices the end coming.... part 2

I am still shocked that Iraq was become such a background issue that the Dems can't even use it to hammer away at McCain and Palin. That is good news though, because as an army buddy of mine once said "if they report nothing, that's good". Ok, so the first report I read said up to 8K troops would be coming home in January-February of 2009. This report says 3-5K. I wonder if they mean just 3-5K combat troops, since the first report I read said 3-5K combat troops and corresponding support troops which would push the number to 8K. Either way, this combined with the surge troops being sent home this spring-summer is a start. That would be nearly 30K fewer US troops in Iraq in January of 2009 than in January of 2008. This is a start. Both candidates discuss leaving some troops behind on bases, which I support as the Middle East of today is like what Germany, Italy and France were in the Cold War, with the number between 20K and 75K (this was in one of Obama's ever changing views on the subject; he called it a "strike force").

If this is a hint, I don't know what else is. My friend Josh was trained in Arabic with a specialty in the Iraqi dialect, but instead of being shipped to Iraq, he's going to Afganistan. As he said, lots of foreign fighters there speak Arabic. I won't get lame and say "i remember when he was a kid playing tackel football at Christmas", because one day... So he was always the little brother despite being 6 foot 3, 230 lbs. His big bro (one of my best friends) could always toss him around. One hot afternoon, they got horsing around in the pool. Suddenly, whoomp, Josh had slammed Al down and held him under water. It was the day the power shifted. He gave one of the best "best man" speeches I ever heard, and it was a joy to be an usher with him at his brother's wedding. I wish him the best.

As always, thank you troops and veterans of all eras for your sacrifice and efforts.

Vote for Me or My VP & I Will Rip Your Head Off!

Vote for me punk or I'll headbutt your ass back to your momma's vag. Threats don't work, you want me to earn your vote? I can't wait for the debates when I can kick the shit out of that effeminate, skinny whiner from Illinois. Yeah, I know I am nearly 25 years older, but who you gonna pick in a brawl? Some manorexic egghead who wrote a book about living confused until he found his roots with his dad's family, therefore rejecting everything about his mom's side that raised him until it was politically convenient, yet still abandoning those African roots as his half brother lives on $1 a day in Kenya, or the guy who wrote a book about his personal and his family's kick ass history of becoming 4 star Admirals, fighter pilots and pro-asskickers? I thought so. I was in Wedding Crashers and you know what else was? Naked boobs. Speaking of boobs, I even picked a running mate that could sniper him from 1000 ft away with her heels on. I bet the recoil would knock captain arugula down. How about that too? Leave it to the GOP to find a MILF for the national ticket. I found a female running mate who has killer legs and looks different enough from my wife that I will know not to sleep with her unlike that lobbysit with the saucy pout.

Hi John! Let's kick the shit out of that "community organizer" and the old blowhard! I wonder if some female voters will forget how socially conservative I am and just vote for me because I am a working mom. Isn't it grand how the media is being completely sexist even though they would never dare do this to a Democrat? I guess only they should try to break glass ceilings. Damn, I could take my AR-15 and cap some NY Times limousine liberals right now.

Oh god, do I want to bend you over when you say things like that. You're getting me excited, and my next hard on could be my last. Maybe we could shoot some target practice and then get down, or in reverse, whatever you like. I've got to focus. I'm not going out like Nelson Rockefeller. I'm going out in a blaze of glory. I'll either flame out in a debate as people will view me as being too tough on the thin skinned Messiah (because foreign leaders won't be tough???) or we'll win, but I'll turn Iran into a glass lake that we'll drill through for oil, and you and the Senate will remove my presidential 'powers' from me because of concern for my senility.... leading to a Mark Warner presidency in 2012.

(Editor's note: I have a lot of respect for Sen. McCain. I supported him in 2000, but I read up on him over the last 8 years, finding out just how conservative the guy is. Not my cup of tea. I dont get why more of the GOP base doesn't see this and get thrilled. He's too conservative for me. Plus, I know all politicians are bought and paid for by special interests whether corporate or lame hippie groups.)

Wipe That Smug Look Off Your Face Mister

Oh gosh, how I have to remind myself of this all of the time now. Why? Because it is wrong to feel satisfied with yourself when others bitch about their predicaments that were self imposed.

Oh, so buying a 1000 square foot home off outer Forest Ave in Portland for $200,000 was a bad idea? You just get that now? Oh so now you stood up to your wife who browbeat you into a big wedding and then buying a home only 12 months after that wedding by saying "no honey we won't buy a plasma tv"? Why did you not listen when I suggested the same house in Saco for $150,000? I bet that $50K less in mortgage liability would come in handy for paying rising gas bills. Wait, why did you put $0 down? Oh, because "they" said it was OK to do that? When does anyone who earns a % based fee involved in a money transaction tell you something is OK that would increase future liability and that advice actually benefits you? Oh so now a mortgage to income ratio of 45% is hurting you? Now it is? Not when you first got the home and the first appraisal raised your house "worth" up to $210K. You mean to tell me it's now worth only $185K. Funny how these same people said it was worth $210K a year ago, and $200K the year before that. Being underwater sucks, maybe that's why people used to put 10-20% down. Oh so now you suggest I not get a house right now because of the downside risk even though you wish you were buying because it is a buyers' market? Yeah, I'll listen to you. Wait a second, you don't want people to get bailed out of their foreclosures by a government program even though a government program allowed you to get the loan and not put a down payment on your home? Yeah, let's listen to you and your brilliant decisions.

Oh, on top of all of that you are a Patriots fan? Oh well, I am soooo sorry your blessed Tawmmy Boy got hurt. It's really a shame.

Go fuck yourself.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yacht Rock

Yacht Rock is sometimes referred to as mom rock for children of the '80s as this was music on the light FM stations that our moms would listen to when cleaning the house on Sunday. I have always found it odd how incestuous the music scene was in California in the '70s. There are eleven 5 minute "episodes". Episode 11 is one of the funniest, but I thought I'd share episode one and you can search from there.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's Worse?

The amount of makeup that they put on Shawn Johnson so you maybe forget she is 16 or the voices on the Hamm brothers who wussed out of the Olympics while our plucky team of underdogs got the bronze without them???????

I Want On, Hold Up, Wait for the Crash

Paint hides wear and tear
No conductor yet more jump on
Anxious for the crash

Monday, September 01, 2008

Drifting Towards Engagement on My Terms

I have previously discussed being a libertarian. As I get older and see more corruption, not just locally but globally, I tend to drift towards anarcho-capitalism. Rational Anarchy would be a better descriptor, as I do believe given an explanation of the parameters of one's existence and surroundings that there is no state to protect an individual, the individual would act in a way to continue their existence and interact with the society around them per their best interests for survival. They would not just go around mindlessly killing others, because their actions would alert others who would then stop that individual. It's a pipe dream, but I could envision it on a smaller scale setting like mining towns, frontiers, remote farming villages.

Inspiration for this was seeing a terrible performance of a production that talked about what we have in common & how we keep separating ourselves despite the things we have in common. Yes, we do that now to a greater degree with the Internet. We also connect with people we would never have met in person though with the help of the Internet. There are two sides to the coin. I would rather describe it as we are choosing the terms that we engage the outside world. Some can use the technology at our fingertips to enter echo chambers of our preconceived notions. Others can use technology to discover new things, meet new people, and maybe even changed their ideas about an issue. In an admission of my own development of reaching new conclusions, I am a big supporter oo gay civil unions and even polygamy (not Mormon teenage bride style) if it is between consenting adults and every adult agrees. What adults choose to do on their own terms with other adults of sound mind is their choice. I would have been against both 5 years ago, but after reading, surfing the web, talking to others, and most importantly, asking questions, I have come around on both ideas.

It's About Choice

Surrounded by wonderful dancers and artists last night, I heard one of them discuss how they just had their baby and no longer want to work in their job unless they can bring him to work. In response to this predicament, the woman has chosen to quit her job and set up a business on her own that will be home based, but involve leaving the home on her terms. She can bring the child along on those short trips. The funny comment was when she said "I had August and instead of saying 'I gotta got o work and be adult woman', I thought not unless I can be with him. i want to be with him all of the time". I think that is awesome and is what feminism is all about: the opporunity to have the choice.

As my generation was the first to get sexual harassment training in grade school, multicultural sensitivity in middle school, and then everybody is a precious snowflake training in high school, I always enjoy hearing someone not toe the line that was shoved in our heads at school. You know that one that went "feminists fought for you to go get a job and remove the glass ceiling, don't you dare give that up to have a baby or get married". I dislike being told what to do, and especially dislike when the schools tell children that a certain way is the right way rather than let them find out what works in the real world. You end up with scores of people racing to 'make a career' yet feeling completely empty inside.

My mom and my eldest aunt were trailblazers in working in more male dominated lines of work with a family to also tend to. I have great respect for their balancing act between corporate america and raising kids before the age of family leave, flexible work hours, subsidized day care, on site day care, and bosses that are fired if they are not sensitive to your needs. One current coworker told me a story of her boss complimenting her ass right after she gave birth to her first born way back in 1979. We laughed about it, and I gave her the "you got my respect" talk. I was always surrounded by strong women growing up who played hardball. This is part why I have problems with young women my age complaining about things at work. It's easy now compared to what it was back when rude comments out loud were the norm, and sex on business trips was expected. That's why I find it a source of happiness that a woman is going to choose to go down a path that makes her happy rather than fit into the box of what her friends, peers, college classmates or coworkers expect.

(I know I am not alone with this line of thought).

NFL Preview and Predictions

Another NFL season is about to begin, exciting many American males who were bored by the OK NBA playoffs, long middle period of the MLB season and an Olympics showcasing synchronized diving, ping pong and other lames sports as much as the good sports. I'm going to do a quick rundown of who finishes where, and some short commentary after each division....

AFC (L)East
1. Patriots
2. Jets (Wild Card)
3. Dolphins
4. Bills

The horrible AFC East got an upgrade with the arrival of Favre in NY and Parcells in Miami. The Pats have an easy schedule and are still the dominant team in the division, but the Jets could give them fits with a true QB in town. The Dolphins have made soem upgrades, and I see them surprising some teams, whereas the Bills are horribly run and will suffer this year. I would love to see the Bills shock teams, but they need new ownership and management. I do think this is the year the Pats lose the fight with age.

AFC North
1. Cleveland
2. Pittsburgh
3. Cincy
4. Baltimore

Cleveland should win this division more because of the Pittsburgh Steelers' having the league's toughest schedule than from their efforts. Baltimore failed to make amove for any QB to remedy their headless offenses situation. If they had a decent QB, just replacement level, I would leapfrog them over Cincy. Something feels wrong with Cincy. It's like Marvin Lewis' ideas have run their course, and the team needs to blow up and start over.

AFC South
1. Indy
2. Jacksonville (wild card)
3. Houston
4. Tenn

I nearly swapped Indy and Jacksonville. Jacksonville did nothing to improve their receiving corps even with their terrible signings, and the D lost some guys. Indy's defense has Freeney back, after a stellar season without Freeney. the colts are one of the youngest teams int he league, and with last year's experience under their belt, they know how to win tough games at home and on the road. The only issue I see with them is Manning's health. If healthy, they get 12 wins. If not, sayonara. Houston could end up over .500 this season, and will benefit from having a last place schedule despite going .500 last year. If Matt Schaub can stay healthy, the Texans can stretch the field on teams. Tenn is still using Vince Young at QB. I do not see them reaching the playoffs in that scenario, even if they did it last year.

AFC West
1. San Diego
2. Denver
3. Oakland
4. KC

San Diego should run away with this division. The only concern I have for them is how Rivers handles his knee, and the cross country flights they have to make on consecutive weeks, which blows my mind that the NFLl arranges after every season San Diego does awesome. Gay. I Like Denver this year, and think they could challenge for a wild card. It rests on Cutler's development. I like Oakland taking a baby step forward. They had a good running game, and had a defense that started off terrible and got better as the year progressed. KC has Herm Edwards as a coach, and despite their good draft on paper, they still stink.

NFC East
1. Dallas
2. Philly (wild card)
3. NY Giants
4. Redskins

Dallas has stocked the team to win it this year or next. The collection of talent is amazing, deep and young. The secondary was their weak spot last year on defense, but they added Pac Man Jones and drafted Mike Jenkins to give them depth in the defensive backfield. Their weakest spot is at WR. Still, that was the O's weak spot last year and they did well. Philly is dangerous because they finished .500 yet have a weak schedule. They should win 9-10 games unless the window has officially closed on them. They managed to find a way to grind out games though and then choke in the playoffs. The NY Giants will have a monster let down year, and the defense lost virtually everyone of importance it seems this offseason due to free agency, retirement or injury. The Redskins suck. Plain and simple.

NFC North
1. Minnesota
2. Green Bay
3. Chicago
4. Detroit

Minnesota should win 10 games this year due to their defense and running game. I have a feeling the QB will be replaced by week 8. They could run the single wing and win games rather than use him. Green Bay will return to earth and experience the growing pains of Rodgers. Shouldn't have rushed Brett favre out of the door in the spring. Chicago is a team I feel bad for. Great defense and special teams but they do nothing to remedy their QB situation. They also have an all new RB to share the load while they watch Thomas Jones run for fun in NY. Good call there Bears. Detroit sucks. Kitna still makes braindead decisions, which kills their drives. Concussions can cause that.

NFC South
1. New Orleans
2. Carolina (wild card)
3. Tampa Bay
4. Atlanta

New Orleans should have a big bounce back year with an easier schedule, the addition of Shockey, the return of Deuce, and the boosts to the defense they pulled off this offseason. I like them to win 10-11. Carolina is going to surprise people. They went 7-9 last year with a decimated offense. John Fox is a great coach, and I see him turning it around this year. Tampa will crash back to earth. Their offense isn't surprising people this year, and they play a 1st place schedule, which means pencil in 3 losses. Atlanta is rebuilding, and will rebuild for a couple more years.

NFC West
1. Arizona
2. Seattle
3. St. Louis
4. San Fran

I can't stand Seattle, and will predict their decline for the second time. I like how Arizona's coaching staff has their plan of attack and are changing the culture in the organization as well as the team's play. I think it will pay off this year. St. Louis is rebuilding, and I am not gambling on them surprising anyone this eyar, but they should exceed the play of San Fran. I can't wait for Mike Nolan to be fired by week 10. I do feel bad for Frank Gore. He deserves to have a real offense around him.

Awards - Well I got one award prediction right last year but here goes.....

MVP - Drew Brees
Defensive POY - Demarcus Ware
Offensive Rookie of the Year - Darren McFadden
Defensive Rookie of the Year - Kenny Phillips

AFC Playoffs
Jacksonville over Cleveland
Pats over Jets

Indy over Pats
San Diego over Jacksonville

San Diego over Indy

NFC Playoffs
Philly over Arizona
Minnesota over Carolina

Dallas over Philly
New Orleans over Minnesota

Dallas over New Orleans

Super Bowl
Dallas over San Diego

If both teams make it to here, I will be impressed that talent on paper really does translate into victories. This would be my second year of picking San Diego making it to the Super Bowl. I picked them last year to win it all, but injuries prevented them from pulling it off. Dallas just has too much talent not to make it to the SB coming from the NFC. I also think Shawne Merriman's health will factor greatly into how far the Chargers go in the playoffs. If he isn't top notch, then they have problems with their pass rush. Dallas seems to have more depth on their defense, and even in their playoff loss last year, they stopped the Giants 3 and out multiple times with less than 6 mins to go. They just need to execute. If they do, the Super Bowl trophy is theirs.