Saturday, February 09, 2008

Evangelical Colleges

I have a coworker who is getting their degree through a local university. I always support coworkers in their quest for more education, especially if they do not have a Bachelor's degree. This employee takes one course at a time in a rolling class set up. It does sound interesting. This individual mentioned taking basic economics this month and next, and they know I was an economics major in college. I have told them that it can be very dry at times, and that a lot depends on your professor. This person responded by stating that the professor has discussed economics and how it relates to the Bible.

That's when my head hit the brick wall.

I looked at this university online and, surprise surprise, it is an evangelical university. No wonder they would relate basic economics to the Bible. You know and I know that the Bible is full of graphs of indifference curves, supply and demand graphs, and mentions John Keynes all of the time. Wait a second, it does not. I'm going to lend a hand if the person does ask for assitance, but I'll also have my BS radar switched on. This school might as well be stealing students money. What are they going to have a class on World War 2 and mention how Jesus sent troops to North Africa to counter Rommel's moves? I am definitely for a little bit of religion in people's lives if they choose it, and technically, this person is choosing to go to this school. There is a part of me that is repulsed by the idea of these universities out there doing this on a much bigger scale with students. It does not feel right.

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